4.1.12 Email: Eric Doesn't Hate UrbanZombie

Says UZ: "But he *is* gullible. In the interest of gleaning some further information from our pal Eric, I took Donkey's list of password tips and converted it into one of those lame email surveys that get sent around, and emailed it to him from notadoll70b@yahoo.com. Here are the responses... nothing that's as helpful as I had hoped, but it can't hurt. Additionally, yes, I *do* feel stupid for asking the webmaster of nocars.org what make his car is."

(1) What's your full name?  Including any embarassing middle names!
 Eric James Henninger

(2) What's your Movie Star Name?  For those with deprived childhoods, 
you combine the name of your street and your mother's maiden name.  
I'm "Smith Broadway", for instance.
Murphy This
(3) What's your Nickname?
Cave Bear or Bear
(4) Sex?  Answers of "Yes, please" will be greeting with a severe 
Not lately
(5) What's your sign, baby?
(6) When's your next birthday?
Sept 7
(7) How old will you be then?
(8) What color are your eyes?
(9) Red?  That's revolting!  You must not have many friends, right?  
Oh... wait... sorry, I thought I was someone else for a second.  
Don't answer that.
OK.  I wasn't really planning on it.
(10) Do you own any pets?
Yes.  With the addition of my brother's cats, I'd say that I have a 
(11) If so, what are their names?
Fish: Jerry, Pigpen, Mickey, Phil, Hunter, Weir, Keith, Mydland, 
Barlow, Merl, Welnick, Tom, Hornsby, & Kreutzie

Cats: Trey, Mike, Jon, & Page

Dogs: Keller & William
(12) Do you own a car?
What do you think?
(13) If so, what is its name?
(14) Oh c'mon, you didn't name your car?  What's wrong with you?
(15) Oh, I see.  Sorry, I didn't know.  What make is your anonymous 
car, then?
(16) What do you do for a living?
Environmental Analyst
(17) What do you do for fun?
Explore the city, hang out with friends, listen to music
(18) Where did you go to highschool?
(19) Where did you go to college?
Penn State
(20) What did you major in there?  Binge drinking emphatically does 
not count.
Earth Sciences & Economics
(21) What's your favorite sports team?
Penguins, of course
(22) Do you have a brother?
(23) Do you have a sister?
(24) Do you like your sister?
Of course, she's the best
(25) Do you think she's smarter than me? Isn't that right about your 
sister? She's smarter tha- dammit, I did it again!  Never mind that 
Sure thing, you really need to stop doing that.
(26) Who's your best friend?
My brother
(27) Who's your significant other?
What significant other?
(28) Who's your 'significant other'?  For the less fortunate amongst 
us, who's your crush?
Rachel Leigh Cook
(29) Just two more.  What's your lucky number?
(30) Finally, what's your special word?  What's your favorite word in 
the whole wide world?