Game Follower's Manifesto

By Renclothes

After solving the Stonecutter AND rune puzzles last night, only to 
find out that my long-desired first "SOLVED" post was trounced by 5 
and 3 minutes respectively, I hereby give up and acknowledge the fact 
that I am a game follower, not player, not puzzle solver.  Therefore, 
I give you the Game Follower's Manifesto, which consists of the 
following points:

*I acknowledge that I have a life outside the game, and cannot be on-
line 24/7.  I further acknowledge that I need to eat, sleep, work, 
and socialize with family and friends, and these are all GOOD things, 
not weaknesses to be trouted.

*If I find out about a game, it will only be after it has been going 
on for several weeks or months.
COROLLARY-If I actually find out about a game at its inception, I 
will join the wrong on-line group and think that the game is going 
very slowly until I find out that it's lightening fast, and my group 
just blows.

*I will never be the first to solve a puzzle.
COROLLARY-I will only find out about puzzles after they have already 
been solved.
COROLLARY-My name will never appear in the Trail, Guide, or any other 
game-related website.
COROLLARY-If I do actually solve a puzzle, the solution will have 
been posted by somebody else minutes before.

*While not unintelligent, I do not know how to decompile a program 
for clues, and have not memorized the collected works of William 
Shakespeare, complete with line and verse numbering.  These will be 
vital skills to solving key puzzles.  Anything I know how to do will 
be useless when it comes to puzzle solving.

*I am not worthy to receive individual e-mails containing clues to be 
shared with the rest of the group.

*I may have one or two game-related items in my posession, but I have 
paid for them myself, not received them as prizes.

*The day that I have to actually work and not keep up with the game 
will be the day that the site I haven't looked at yet is removed due 
to in-game events.

*If I try to post helpful observations, I will immediately be trouted 
by the players who solve every puzzle.

*Key sites and/or software for the game will only work with the OS I 
am not using.

*The one site I do not enter in my contact info. will be the one that 
is used to send out all game-related info.

*When I get frustrated and actually pay for an on-line game so I can 
solve a puzzle, it will turn out to be Majestic, with puzzles 
designed to be solved by people with a 5th grade education.