JawBreakers Theme Song

By PaleFigure

To the tune of "Day Trip to Bangor"

Didn't we have a lovely time
When we all worked on Lockjaw?
Ganmed was bad to Barbie and Vad.
Alas poor Moot, we hardly knew you.
Hermes left clues to the Pythia's ruse
And we all mistrusted the Serpent.
While a guilty Chet Doan sought absolvence alone from the Reverend Lee.

Right from the start we were glad to take part `cause we all had withdrawal from beasting.
Some Cloudmakers true, some faces were new, but all combined to from Jawbreakers.
Taking our lead from a "Grrl-e-Grrl" read, we mapped out our journey's beginning.
Thus our path it was set, to ThePythia.net and the game was on!


The first thing we learnt was some kids had got burnt while spelunking down under the metro.
Popper got popped by Arney the cop while Cave Bear slowly went bananas.
DCMC had a secret or three but compared to Ganmed they were saintly.
They hid some stuff but we broke through their bluff at the NoCars page.


As things progressed we were put to the test by the URFers ingenious forums.
Two were a breeze, we cracked them with ease, but where.gif drove us almost postal.
Now its Terrashape's frames and the odd euchre games and a wandering priest that's our focus.
Apples, I-Ching and some muzak list thing and there's so much more.