LockJaw Timeline v1.15
Updated March 15, 2002
Compiled by ChessPieceFace (AKA anothercloudmaker)

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     This is the timeline of in-game events for the game code-named Lockjaw  This includes only events that happened in the game, it is not a guide to how these things were solved.  For details on that see the Lockjaw Trail , join the JawBreakers Group , or see the Lockjaw Guide for a more story-based summary of our discoveries.  This timeline is meant to clarify the order of events in the game, since we've been given info out of chronological order.

Notes on the Timeline

     Dates are listed in chronological order.  Each date will have a description of what happened on that day followed by comments about how where the info was found, links to the original data and an explanation of how the dates were figured out along with any other explanations.
     Comments in curly brackets "{ }" are based partly on spec, or have not been absolutely confirmed to have happened.  Comments in square brackets "[ ]" are comments from me explaining the info for the above date.  Anything in curly brackets will be explained in the square bracket section.  If you disagree with any of the spec or have additions or corrections, please post it to the Jawbreak group on yahoo, and I'll see it there, or e-mail me at cmalachi IHATE@SPAM hotmail.com (remove the words I HATE SPAM).  I've been wrong before.  All I ask is for politeness in any corrections.  Trout me gently.  ;)
     Anything not in square brackets will be told as if we are in the Lockjaw world.  There will be no direct references to the game or to the Puppet Masters in these sections.
     I will not be posting the corporate timeline from GanMed since it doesn't seem that relevant and you can see it for yourself here .  The same goes for Net:Sight's timeline .  You might also want to check out RebaR's timeline .
If text is in this font, it is a direct quote from an in-game source.

What's New

v1.15  Added March 2001 , March 6, 2001  Tuesday , June 8, 2001  Friday , November 3, 2001  Saturday , February 2002 .  Various minor updates.

v1.10  Lots of additions and changes.  Added
September 8, 2001  Saturday , September 12, 2001  Wednesday , September 21, 2001  Friday , September 23, 2001  Sunday , September 25, 2001 Tuesday , Mid-November 2001 , November 18, 2001  Sunday , February 18, 2002  Monday , February 28-March 1, 2002  Thursday-Friday ,   March 4, 2002  Monday , March 5, 2002  Tuesday , and February 23, 2002  Saturday .  Changes to August 12-14, 2001 Sunday-Tuesday , August 18, 2001 Saturday , September 15, 2001  Saturday , September 27, 2001  Thursday , and {December 18, 1999  Saturday} .  Added Rebar's timeline to "Notes on the Timeline".  Added link to uRf store in Credits.  Added link to Lockjaw Guide .
v1.03  Deleted some obsolete spec regarding Holly's handle.  Added
March 2, 2002  Saturday .
v1.02  Added
August 25, 2001  Saturday and {September 1, 2001  Saturday} .  Fixed a few incorrect links.
v1.01  Reformatted and HTMLized.  Added dates for Net:Sight and GanMed.  Updated
{July 12 or 13, 2001 Thursday or Friday} entry.  Added {December 18, 1999  Saturday} and December 19-30, 1999 .  General clean up and typo correction.
v1.0  Everything

     This section contains events that are unknown, dates or events that are uncertain, or spec I've decided is not likely enough to be include in the date list.

     -DCMC Christmas Crawl date.  Does anyone have any better info/spec about when this took place, or does December 18 seem correct?


{December 18, 1999  Saturday} - DCMC 5th Annual Christmas Crawl
December 19-30, 1999 - DCMC discussion of Christmas Crawl
March 2001 - Moreland breaks ground
March 6, 2001  Tuesday - TerraShape accepts Moreland contract
June 8, 2001  Friday - TerraShape creates Community department
June 13, 2001  Wednesday - Newbie's first crawl
June 14, 2001  Thursday - Newbie and Vad e-mail exchange
June 15, 2001  Friday - Newbie and Vad e-mail exchange continues
June 16, 2001  Saturday - {The big Recon happens}
July 2, 2001  Monday - Newbie's article about her first crawl
August 12-14, 2001 Sunday-Tuesday - Holly's e-mail to Class_Three
August 18, 2001  Saturday - {The guys go golfing, the girls go for a fitting}

August 25, 2001  Saturday - A tunnel, a room, and bodybags
August 29, 2001  Wednesday
- Popper dies

September 8, 2001  Saturday - Holly {and Class_Three} die in a car accident
September 12, 2001  Wednesday - Eulogy for Holly
September 15, 2001  Saturday - Holly and Class_Three's planned wedding date
September 21, 2001  Friday - Cave_Bear last speaks with RebaR, mysterious phone call
September 23, 2001  Sunday - Cave_Bear contacts police about RebaR
September 25, 2001 Tuesday - Arney takes report from Cave_Bear about RebaR
September 27, 2001  Thursday - Arney talks to Cave_Bear, Cave_Bear sends email

October 1, 2001  Monday - Net:Sight announces new products
October 26, 2001  Friday - Net:Sight Q&A
November 3, 2001  Saturday - Moreland opens
November 5, 2001  Monday - Net:Sight announces features, GanMed announces IPO
November 9, 2001  Friday - Net:Sight stops support for old versions
Mid-November 2001 - uRf is raided
{November 18, 2001  Sunday} - uRf is restored by Hermes
November 19, 2001  Monday - Net:Sight releases Browser 3.0 Beta
February 2002 - Moreland enters Phase IV
February 4, 2002  Monday
- Post on Cloudmakers leads to Grrl-E-Grrl
February 7, 2002  Thursday - GanMed is hacked
February 8, 2002  Friday - GanMed is restored to normal

February 18, 2002  Monday - Vad goes on a job interview and gets the job
February 23, 2002  Saturday - Net:Sight releases Browser 3.0 Beta 2
February 28-March 1, 2002  Thursday-Friday - Hermes instigates GanMed hack
March 2, 2002  Saturday - GanMed is hacked twice and threatened
March 4, 2002  Monday - Vad's first day at the new job
March 5, 2002  Tuesday - GanMed is hacked (again) by Serpent

{December 18, 1999  Saturday}

    The DCMetroCrawlers' 5th Annual Christmas Crawl.  In attendance are: TombRater, Steamer, Cog, sHErPA, Creeper, NiteLite, Vad, Trex, Terra_Incognito, RebaR, Class_Three, Credibility, Urban_Legend, Pitz, Cave_Bear, and GPS.  The crawlers dress up in formal attire and have wine and cheese before going underground, taking food with them.  Class_Three and Credibility's (Holly) romance becomes public when they are discovered making out in the shadows.  Pitz attends despite having been busy at the hospital for a while.

     Link: http://www.dcmetrocrawlers.org/archivedmsgs/326.htm

     [The names were gathered from all the postings and equal
16 (not 17, which TombRater says is the number of people that showed). The date is unproved, but the first message in the thread was dated December 19, which was a Sunday, and the group usually goes on crawls on Saturdays.]
December 19-30, 1999
     DCMC discuss the 5th Annual Christmas Crawl on their message board

     Link: http://www.dcmetrocrawlers.org/archivedmsgs/326.htm

     [Taken from the dates on the posted messages]

March 2001
     Moreland breaks ground

     Link: http://www.moreland-wv.org/mayor.htm

     [Taken straight from the above link.]

March 6, 2001  Tuesday
     TerraShape accepts the contract for Moreland.  It's their biggest contract ever.  They will design and construct the entire town.

     Link: http://www.terrashape.com/news.htm

     [Taken straight from the above link.]

June 8, 2001  Friday
     TerraShape it's eleventh department, Community, specifically for the Moreland project.  Allison Flannigan of the Design department will head it.


     [Taken from the above link.]

June 13, 2001 Wednesday
     Barbie Mills (Newbie) goes on her first crawl.  Popper (Mercedes  Villanueva), Cave Bear (Eric), and Vad (Bruce Hollman) are with her.  They photograph some blueprints for a new station.  They are planning to use them for an expo later in the year after they do some reconnaissance.

     Links: http://www.dcmetrocrawlers.org/crawl.htm

     [This is all detailed in crawl.htm on dcmetrocrawlers.org.  I got the date from hey.txt.  On Barbie's e-mail of June 14 she says "
I cannot thank you enough for last night. " and, " Why didn't you bring me along sooner? "  It's pretty  clear this e-mail was sent the day after her first crawl.]
June 14, 2001  Thursday
     Barbie Mills (Newbie) and Bruce Hollman (Vad) exchange e-mails about  upcoming crawl to explore the new station on Saturday.  Vad offers to stop by that night to talk, but doesn't show up.  Everyone except Barbie Mills  (Newbie) gets together that night to look at Vad's pictures from June 13, and to talk about Barbie Mills.  The consensus seems to be that she's okay.

     [The date is straight off the e-mail.  We know that everyone except Barbie got together that night from Vad's reply to Barbie the next day.]

June 15, 2001 Friday
     Barbie Mills (Newbie) and Bruce Hollman (Vad) continue e-mail exchange.   Vad apologizes for not showing up, and says they had a blast last night and that "Everyone was pumped over the pictures we got ", referring to the photos of the blueprints they got on Wednesday.  Newbie and Vad make plans to meet Saturday (June 16) before the crawl to have dinner and watch the Orioles play before the big Recon.  {Newbie calls Vad later to make plans for dinner.}


     [Again the date is straight off the e-mail.  It is assumed that Newbie called Vad later because she said she would.]

June 16, 2001 Saturday
     {The big Recon happens.  Everyone seems excited about going.  Barbie Mills (Newbie) attends.}


     [This is from hey.txt.  I'm assuming that the Recon went as planned and Barbie went but there's no proof that it did, or that this is the same recon Holly talks about.]

July 2, 2001 Monday
     Barbie Mills writes (publishes?) article about DC Metro Crawlers detailing her first crawl (June 13, 2001).


     [This is from the date listed on crawl.htm.  We don't know if the date was when it was published or when she finished writing it, or if it ever was  published.]

August 12-14, 2001 Sunday-Tuesday
     Holly sends E-mail to Class_Three discussing wedding plans and a visit from her parents.

     Links: http://www.dcmetrocrawlers.org/plans.txt

     [Thank god!  This date is now confirmed.  Here's how:

     Holly says the wedding day is 
"just a little more than a month away! " , and the wedding is on the 15th ( the day the caterer is ready for, presumably their wedding day) .   Therefore the date is on the 14th or before (we don't know the month yet).  We also know that they die before they get married (" Her wedding to Aaron would have been the happiest day of her life " from Holly.doc ).  We also know she died on September 8th (" Six months ago today, I can't believe that it's been that long. " from eulogy.htm dated March 8, 2002).  So she wrote the email a little more than a month away from her wedding day, she died september 8th which was before her wedding day, so it her wedding day has to be on September 15th.  Thus this email is between August 12th-14th.  It can't be before because: a) that would be stretching the " just a little more than a month away! " thing and b) she says Class_Three and her father will be golfing on Saturday and the 11th is a Saturday (so she would have said next Saturday).]
August 18, 2001 Saturday
     {Class_Three goes golfing and bonds with Holly's dad at the "19th" hole (in other words, the golf club's bar).  The girls (Holly, Holly's mom, and Maddie [Creeper, we believe]) go for a fitting for Holly's bridal gown.  Some DC Metro Crawlers go for a crawl, possibly including Holly and Class_Three.}

Link: http://www.dcmetrocrawlers.org/plans.txt

     [Holly says "
mom, maddie & i are going for a fitting on saturday.  i told dad that you couldn't wait to get him out on the golf course ," (so we assume the fitting and the golf game are on the same day) and, "i have a feeling you two will be bonding quite a bit on the 19th ,"  which seems to mean the "19th hole" (the traditional name for the course's bar), rather than the 19th of August.  We have no confirmation that the guys actually went golfing or the girls went for a fitting, but they had plans to.  We also don't know if the crawlers went for a crawl, or if the two love birds went with them (they hadn't decided yet), we just know a crawl was planned.]
August 25, 2001 Saturday
     The DCMCs have an eventful night.  I think the crime report says it best.  " Ms. Villanueva reports that she and a group of friends were exploring a section of the Metro line when they came across a "tunnel" of some sort.  Upon closer inspection, Ms. Villanueva reports that the tunnel contains a "room" that appears to contain body bags.  I will investigate and follow up.  --ja " ("JA" is James Arney).  Popper goes to the police to report the incident and talks to Arney [Arney seems to be a cop at this point, but we know he's currently head of GanMed Security.  Does he have two jobs?].  Popper also gives Arney the names of the crawlers who were with her that night.  Arney promptly sends a copy of the report to "CD" saying that he won't file the report and that he will " take care of dcmc.org ".  Apparently the DCMCs have been crawling past this tunnel for a couple of months, but never noticed the body bags.  Popper is sick about the whole thing.

     Links: http://www.dcmetrocrawlers.org/noted.jpg

     [Info is from the two above pages at dcmetrocrawlers.org.  Technically Popper made the report on August 26 at 1:00am, but it's here for simplicity.  CD seems to be Dr. Chet Doan, the head of GanMed (I'm about 95% sure that's correct, but until I'm certain it'll stay here in the comments section). It's important to note that Popper dies four days after filing this report.  The logical conclusion is that Arney works for GanMed and GanMed is hiding something in the tunnels.  When the DCMCs discover it they start dying off/disappearing thanks to GanMed/Arney.  I'm about 95% sure of that too, but it's still spec until we get some stronger evidence.]

August 29, 2001 Wednesday
     Mercedes Villanueva (Popper) dies from heart failure at age 22.


     [Straight off the obit.jpg]

  September 8, 2001  Saturday
 Holly {and Class_Three} die in a car accident.

     Links:   http://www.nocars.org/station/2conductor2/Mail/eulogy.htm

     [Straight from eulogy.htm. It says, "
Which makes it all the more wrenching that they have been taken from us. But I draw strength from the knowledge that she would be happy that she was never separated from her beloved fiancée ", which seems to say that they died together or at least very nearly at the same time. Since the crawlers don't mention Class_Three's death as a separate event it seems that they both died in the same accident, but we have no proof.]
  September 12, 2001  Wednesday
     This is the date on Creeper's eulogy for Holly, probably the date of Holly's funeral.  Note that this is only one day after the September 11th attacks, so it must have been a very depressing day to bury a friend.

     Link: http://www.nocars.org/station/1nf0rmati0nb00th/Holly.doc

     [The date is listed on the eulogy, Madeleine Browning
is listed as the author (in the properties section of the .doc file), and Creeper posted it, and we knew that Maddie and Holly were good friends, so it seems that Creeper=Maddie.  It's a nice eulogy, but kind of short on details for us to use.  It seems to support the spec that Holly and Class_Three died together.]
September 15,  2001 Saturday
     Holly and Class_Three planned to get married today.

Link: http://www.dcmetrocrawlers.org/plans.txt

     [Same reasoning as above.  She wrote the e-mail in August then "
just a little more than a month away! ", and the wedding was to be on the 15th.]
September 21, 2001  Friday
     Cave_Bear speaks with RebaR for the last time (after seeing him yesterday).  He also gets a hang-up on his answering machine from RebaR.

     Link: http://www.nocars.org/station/1nf0rmati0nb00th/rebar_timeline.htm

     [Taken straight off of rebar_timeline.htm]

September 23, 2001  Sunday
     Cave_Bear calls police about RebaR's disappearance.

Link: http://www.nocars.org/station/1nf0rmati0nb00th/rebar_timeline.htm

     [Taken straight off of rebar_timeline.htm]

September 25, 2001  Tuesday
     Arney comes over and takes report from Cave_Bear about RebaR's disappearance.

      Link: http://www.nocars.org/station/1nf0rmati0nb00th/rebar_timeline.htm

     [Taken straight off of rebar_timeline.htm]

September 27, 2001  Thursday
     Arney calls Cave_Bear and says he thinks RebaR just needed to get away for awhile.  Cave_Bear emails Creeper, Vad, and Newbie sounding desperate and asking if they've seen or heard from him.

     Links: http://www.dcmetrocrawlers.org/email.txt

     [Taken straight off of rebar_timeline.htm and email.txt.  The email says it's been a week since he's seen RebaR, and we know the 20th was the last time he saw him.]

October 1, 2001  Monday
     Net:Sight Solutions announces new software.  The Version 3.0 suite will include a browser, an e-mail app, an html editor, and a server app.

     Link: http://www.netsightsolutions.net/news/index.htm

     [Taken from Net:Sight's news page.]

October 26, 2001  Friday
     Net:Sight calls for questions to be sent in, to be answered by N:S executives.  The winner will receive a bottle of champagne.

     Link: http://www.netsightsolutions.net/news/questions.htm

     [Taken from Net:Sight's news page.  This contest was closed by the time Jawbreakers found it.  The page above says the answers are now posted and links to them.]

November 3, 2001  Saturday
     Moreland opens it's gates and publishes it's website.  The first residents are already moving in.


     [Taken from the above link.]

November 5, 2001  Monday
     Net:Sight announces new features for it's upcoming Version 3.0 Suite.  The most interesting is the inclusion of an intelligent agent that will basically watch over your shoulder and help you out.
     GanMed announces IPO of 5,000,000 shares of common stock.  They will be sold for $10.00 a share under the ticker symbol GNMD.

     Links: http://www.netsightsolutions.net/news/index.htm

     [Taken from Net:Sight's news page.  The "intelligent agent" seems to be in the first 3.0 Browser Beta (she's named Mephista), but she doesn't seem to be working right yet.  The GanMed ticker symbol was originally GMED, but was changed, since GMED is a real company.]

November 9, 2001  Friday
     Net:Sight drops support for older versions of their browser due to "ongoing litigation issues", and has removed all links to them from their site.

     Link: http://www.netsightsolutions.net/news/index.htm

     [Taken from Net:Sight's news page.  This is, of course, a convenient way for the PMs to be on version 3.0 without having to actually make versions 1.0 and 2.0.]

Mid-November, 2001
     uRf is raided by the authorities.  Computers are seized and the original webmaster is arrested " on trumped-up post-September 11th charges of Data Terrorism Against the Federal-Corporate Police State of America. "

     Link: http://www.10101-10010-110.org/discontinuity.html

     [No concrete date, but Hermes says it was taken down in mid-November
{November 18, 2001  Sunday}
     Hermes restores uRf without the aid of backups.  He seems to be the new acting webmaster.


     [Taken from the above link.  November 18th is the date on discontinuity.html, so I'm assuming that's when the site went back up, but we have no proof.]

November 19, 2001  Monday
     Net:Sight releases Browser v3.0 Beta.

     Link: http://www.netsightsolutions.net/news/index.htm

     [This is a neat little browser for Windows.  It has an A.I. and some (un)helpful text scrambling features.  Go download it!]

February 2002
     Moreland enters Phase IV.  From the town history: "the final facades and lake structures will be tested and built into place. At that time, Moreland will be considered "finished," and all further building and development will be considered "Expansion Modules."

     Link: http://www.moreland-wv.org/history.htm

     [Taken from the above link.]

February 4, 2002  Monday
     Glitterbook posts message #45912 on cloudmakers group giving a link to Barbie Mills' article on www.grrl-e-grrl.com.

     Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cloudmakers/message/45912

     [Straight off the post.  BTW, does anyone know who Glitterbook is?  Her website is linked in the post, but it certainly doesn't look in-game.  Was she just duped into making this post by the e-mail from Barbie Mills?]

February 7, 2002  Thursday
     www.ganmed.com is hacked.  The front page displays a mathematical problem, the answer to which is 45912.

     Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jawbreak/files/Game%20Sites/www.ganmed.com/research.gif

     [See February 4 above for more info]

February 8, 2002  Friday
     www.ganmed.com is restored to normal.  They post a message on their site apologizing for the disruption.  The apology page source code has a message from the hacker mocking GanMed's security.

     Link: http://www.ganmed.com/update.html

     [No comment needed, I think.]

February 18, 2002  Monday
     Vad goes on a job interview in West Virginia and is offered a job on the spot.  He seems to be an architectural/engineering consultant as well as helping on their website.  The company he works for seems to be building some kind of town from scratch.  Vad seems pretty excited about it.  He meets Jo Burgess, the head of the project.  Barbie seems a little sad about him leaving, but excited for him.

     Links: http://www.nocars.org/station/2conductor2/Mail/re_im_back.htm

     [Taken from the three links above.  In good_luck_tomorrow.htm Barbie says he's going on the interview the next day,  so that makes it February 18th.]

February 23, 2002  Saturday
     Net:Sight releases their second Beta version of their Browser 3.0.

     Link: http://www.netsightsolutions.net/news/index.htm

     [Taken from above link.  There aren't many new features.  You can turn off the agent and log her responses.  Mephy has a few new canned replies.]

February 28-March 1, 2002  Thursday-Friday
     Hermes posts on uRf that he got a tip that GanMed has " been playing games.  thats what i heard and i trust that source... " and asks who wants to hack them.  About his source he says, " no names... but she's a source to trust, has her fingers everywhere.  you are not 3R337 eNuf d00dz and all that crap.  just take what i can share, okay? ".

     Link: http://www.10101-10010-110.org/010.html

     [Taken from the above link.  Note that whoever his source is she's female.  These hackers must be pretty quick, the next day they get into GanMed.  Security experts, indeed...]

March 2, 2002  Saturday
     www.ganmed.com is hacked once again.  On the news page is an image of what appears to be a rat in a hard hat.  Clicking on it leads to an image of hacker speak and Morse code.  The message says: "You thought we couldn't see your crimes. You thought we would stay away, but you're wrong. We saw it all. And now you're gonna pay. "  Later that same day the image was updated with more Morse code and vertical bars.

     Links: http://www.ganmed.com/News.html

     [Taken from the pages above.  It seems that uRf did this hack, but we don't know if they did the first (number puzzle) hack.  The rat image is named cc.jpg.]

March 4, 2002  Monday
     Vad's first day at his new job.  He invites Barbie up to join him one weekend.  She says she'd love to, but not until Cave_Bear is feeling a little better.

     Link: http://www.nocars.org/station/2conductor2/Mail/re_a_thought.htm

     [Taken straight from the above link.]

March 5, 2002  Tuesday
      GanMed is hacked (yet again).  The Serpent modifies a hack done (presumably) by uRf,  changing the capitalization in their calling card.  She also calls the previous hackers idiots and adds a hidden binary code to her message.

     Link: http://www.ganmed.com/clarity.html

     [This is funny.  The binary code spells out the words "Morse code", which is what the calling card really is.  You get the feeling that Serpent might think we're idiots too...  By the way, who the hell is doing security for GanMed?  This is the fourth time in about a month they've been hacked.  Microsoft could do better security...]

     Thanks to all Jawbreakers for support and corrections.  Thanks to donkey_oatey and kitson1 for critiquing my original post on Jawbreakers and for pointing out some errors.  And also to SpaceBass for hosting this timeline and for inspiration for it's format.

     And a BIG thanks to the Lockjaw PMs for giving us a fun (and free!) game to play.  Go buy a t-shirt , a mug , a mousepad , or a sweatshirt !

Lockjaw Timeline compiled by ChessPieceFace (aka anothercloudmaker).  For comments, corrections, deletions, or suggestions,  contact me at cmalachi IHATE@SPAM hotmail.com (remove the words I HATE SPAM).

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