4.0 Incoming Clues and MetaData

Incoming clues and metadata are received from sources other than the web, such as email, telephone, voicemail, newspaper, television, etc.


4.1 Email


1. Solicitation: The Cloudmakers mailing list received a couple of emails regarding an article about women who played The Beast. The first appears to be from Barbie Mills, although her nickname showed up as "notadoll70," which is the first part of her email address at a free webmail service.

2. Story Posting: A Cloudmaker emailed the Cloudmakers mailing list about the posting of Barbie's Story on Grrl-E-Grrl. This message was later referenced by the GanMed Hacked! puzzle.

3. Webmaster@GanMed: JJYoung emailed the webmaster at GanMed and received the following response on 2/8/02.

Date sent: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 15:13:11 -0500
From: webmaster@g...
To: jjyoung@m...
Subject: Re: Mailing List

Thank you for your interest in GanMed Biotechnical. As you no doubt have
seen, we offer many exciting employment opportunities. If you are
interested in any advertised position, please apply in person in our
Washington, DC research facility.

Due to licensing agreements, direct product information is not made
available to the public. For information regarding any of our licensed
products, please contact the product's distributor.

Thanks for visiting GanMed on the Web.

4. Webgrrl@Grrl-E-Grrl: JJYoung emailed the webmaster at Grrl-E-Grrl and received the following response on 2/8/02.

Date sent: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 15:14:42 -0500
From: "webgrrl" webgrrl@g...
Send reply to: webgrrl@g...
To: jjyoung@m...
Subject: Thanks for contacting grrl-e-grrl.com

Thanks for contacting grrl-e-grrl.com

Unfortunately we've had a sudden spike in the volume of our e-mails and
so we've had to resort to autoresponders.

We're pleased and surprised by this sudden explosion of interest in our
new little 'zine. After publishing in print for five years we didn't
expect to become an overnight internet phenomenon.

Rest assured we DO read your mail. If you're interested in
submitting your work for consideration or asking for permission to use
our material, please be patient. Also, we will have merchandise
available in the near future.

Thank you,

5. Info@Net:Sight: JJYoung emailed Net:Sight for more information and received the following response on 2/8/02.

Date sent: 8 Feb 2002 21:12:34 +0000
To: jjyoung@m...
From: info@n...
Subject: Re: Mailing List


We're still in the process of setting up a new mailing list; until it's
ready to be unveiled you can keep up-to-date with news on our main

Thank you for your interest,

Net:Sight Solutions

6. Browser Update?: Donkey_Oatey posted the following email response from Net:Sight on 2/13/02 to the JawBreakers mailing list.

I received an email response from Net:Sight Solutions regarding my 
inquiries about browser updates.  It reads:


The new Beta 2 version of the version 3.0 Browser will be released in 
a few days time. Check the website for details.

Thank you for your interest,

Net:Sight Solutions

7. Serpent@ThePythia: Emailing serpent@thepythia.net yields a quick response, as was pointed out by donkey_oatey. (Note: the subject returned appears to just be "Re: " + whatever you sent as a subject.)

From: serpent@thepythia.net [mailto:serpent@thepythia.net]
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 7:26 PM
Subject: Re: On a wing...

You've found me.

I admire the resourceful. Such detective work shouldn't go 

Now what might one consider a fitting reward?

Perhaps some additional information...

Perhaps. No promises, though.


8. Eric.Wyngarde@Net:Sight: ExtraRed sent an email on February 13 to the info@netsightsolutions address for more information about the intelligent agent and when features would be available and got an email saying it was being forwarded to the R&D Dept. After forwarding their reply to back to the same address, she received the following reply on 2/23/02.

Date: 23 Feb 2002 10:02:02 +0000 
X-Sent: 23 Feb 2002 10:02:02 GMT 
To: brenda@a... 
From: eric.wyngarde@n... 
X-Mailer: Web Mail 
X-Sent-From: eric.wyngarde@n... 
Subject: Re: Fwd: Net: SIght Solutions - Intelligent Agent 

Hi Brenda,

Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you sooner, we've been swamped.

It looks like, unfortunately, the Agent isn't going to be finished in 
time for the Beta 2 release this week; we've put in a couple of 
chages so she's more controllable but that's about the extent of the 
alteration on that front.

Tell me though; what might she do that you'd find useful? What 
features have we forgotten about?


9. Info@Net:Sight: After beta 2 of the browser was released on 2/23/02, springboard mailed Net:Sight about the fact that Mephista wouldn't pop up, and got this prompt reply:

>She's there all right, you'll see. Didn't anyone ever tell you that 
>patience is a virtue? 
>Thank you for your interest, 
>Net:Sight Solutions   

10. Net:Sight Group: On or about 2/25/02, a few email exchanges were made between JawBreakers and staff of Net:Sight. (opens in new window)

11. Cave_Bear Group: On or about 2/25/02, some JawBreakers hammered Cave_Bear with emails. Some of his responses led us to the solution to the NoCars Riddle. (opens in new window)

12. Eric Doesn't Hate UrbanZombie: UrbanZombie tricked poor Eric into revealing his most intimate secrets with a fake survey email. (opens in new window)

13. Lauren Woods Responses: The following responses to JawBreakers emails were received on 4/8/02. The third one subsequently led to the solution for Kevin Asgort's login to the GenTel ODES system.

14. Hermes Gets Philosophical: On 4/14/02, some JawBreakers received an email from Hermes containing this quote from Book 4 of the Tao Te Ching, also known as "Fountainless."



4.2 Mephista


Summary: Mephista is the AI embedded in the Net:Sight Browser. Embedded in her source code are plaintext references to many of her quotes. Also embedded are the following HTML resource files, which can be accessed by the following links if you have the browser installed. The welcome and help files are used by the browser. It's not clear why the others are embedded in the source, since they were not found "in game." Each file besides welcome and help contains an encrypted passage. The names of those files appear to be taken from members of the "Hellfire Club" in the X-Men comic book series.

DevJoe posted an excellent treatise on how the following pages were encrypted. Included below are the ciphers used to encode each page. Note that the name of the page is used to determine the cipher, by writing it in reverse at the end of the code alphabet.

  • res://netsight.exe/Wyngarde.HTM [SOLVED]



    Note: Shakespeare, The Tempest. Act IV, Scene I.



    Method: Blood, sweat and tears. Also decryption.

    Originally Decoded By: Stephanie

  • res://netsight.exe/Leland.HTM [SOLVED]


    The mind is its own place, and in itself
    can make a heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n.

    Here we may reign secure, and in my choice
    to reign is worth ambition though in hell:
    better to reign in hell, than serve in heav'n.

    Note: John Milton, Paradise Lost. Book 1, Paragraph 8.



    Method: Blood, sweat and tears. Also decryption.

    Originally Decoded By: kenbo11

  • res://netsight.exe/Pierce.HTM [SOLVED]


    Bless me! A right physician's closet 'tis set round with vials, every one her mark too. Sure he does practice physic for his own use, which may be safely called your great mans wisdom.

    Note: Lines from "The Changeling" - Act 4, Scene 1.



    Method: Blood, sweat and tears. Also decryption.

    Originally Decoded By: kenbo11

  • res://netsight.exe/Vanholt.HTM [SOLVED]


    Sint mihi Dei Acherontis propitii! Valeat numen triplex Jehovae! Ignei, aerii, aquatani spiritus, salvete! Orientis princeps Belzebub, inferni ardentis monarcha, et Demogorgon, propitiamus vos, ut appareat et surgat Mephistophilis. Quid tu moraris? per Jehovam, Gehennam et consecratum aquam quam nunc spargo, signumque crucis quod nunc facio, et per vota nostra, ipse nunc surgat nobis dicatus Mephistophilis!

    Translation (from Bartleby.com):

    “Be propitious to me, gods of Acheron! May the triple deity of Jehovah prevail! Spirits of fire, air, water, hail! Belzebub, Prince of the East, monarch of burning hell, and Demogorgon, we propitiate ye, that Mephistophilis may appear and rise. Why dost thou delay? By Jehovah, Gehenna, and the holy water which now I sprinkle, and the sign of the cross which now I make, and by our prayer, may Mephistophilis now summoned by us arise!”

    Note: Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus. Act I, Scene III.



    Method: Blood, sweat and tears. Also decryption.

    Originally Decoded By: springboard9090

  • res://netsight.exe/Shaw.HTM [SOLVED]



    Note: John Webster, The Duchess of Malfi. Act I, Scene III.



    Method: Blood, sweat and tears. Also decryption.

    Originally Decoded By: Stephanie

  • res://netsight.exe/Frost.HTM [SOLVED]



    Note: Shakespeare, Hamlet. Act II, Scene II.



    Method: Blood, sweat and tears. Also decryption.

    Originally Decoded By: Stephanie

4.3 Phone Calls


Net:Sight Versioning: Grimace called the telephone number listed in the domain registration info for Net:Sight. Here's what he had to say:

Well, that Netsight phone number looked pretty kosher to me, so I tried calling it. This is a transcript of the call from memory. Voice is rather gruff, British, probably as shocked as I was but handling it masterfully.

Voice: Hello?
Me: [sheepishly] Hello... is that NetSight Solutions?
Voice: Yes.
Me: [shocked] Ah... I wonder if you could help me with some problems I've been having with my browser...
Voice: What's the problem?
Me: Well... it's the intelligent agent... it doesn't seem to be functioning properly.
Voice: What's wrong with it?
Me: Well - it just seems to be coming out with, ah, gibberish. I was wondering if [floundering] it is a problem that can be fixed, ah will be fixed in the next, um, the next release.
Voice: Well, not in the next Beta release, but in Version 3, certainly.
Me: And, um, can you tell me when that will be.
Voice: We can't tell you yet. You'll have it when it's ready.
Me: Right. Thanks for your help then.

[replaces handset in horror]


4.4 Euchre


1. Game 1 (3/20/02): Recap provided by Johnny J. Young and Steve Peters.

The in-game characters Vad (vadindc) and Barbie (notadoll70) actually
played a live Euchre game last night in Yahoo Games as they had talked
about in their recent emails at nocars.org.  Some JawBreakers managed to
find them there at http://play.yahoo.com/games/login?game=Euchre and
joined in.  Vad and Barbie were there live for a couple of hours playing
and chatting.

Other JawBreakers who were there should post a summary of all that we
learned from the conversation, but for now here is what little Steve and
I were able to transcribe...

[beginning of transcript missing]

(here, vadindc was talking to notadoll70 about his new job and his new
boss a lot.)

vadindc: she gestures a lot. her bracelets go jangling...
vadindc: she's into conceptual design, feng shui, etc.

[more transcript missing]

(here, notadoll70 was talking about how she missed seeing vadindc and so
the JawBreakers were trying to convince her that she should go visit

(after some time, notadoll70 got disconnected and it was just vadindc
for the rest of the evening.)

(here, vadindc is talking to the JawBreakers about his boss again.)

vadindc: Well, that's the thing.
vadindc: all of her company's promo stuff lauds her as the head
desinger. I mean, she created this place, as far as I am concerned
ozymandias_y2k_in: but?
vadindc: well, she says the other day, during this long orientation
meeting how she got handed the project
vadindc: so i correct her, you know, as best as i can, trying to show
off that I've read the circulars and reports
SpaceBass98: heh, correcting the boss rarely goes over well
vadindc: i know
ozymandias_y2k_in: never hurts to sound prepared
vadindc: but it just seemed weird
SpaceBass98: what did she say?
ozymandias_y2k_in: did she say if she's reporting to/responsible to
vadindc: well that's just the thing. she recovered and then said
something like Well, that's what I meant
ozymandias_y2k_in: never too early to learn to play good office
politics. you want to know who you're really working for
ozymandias_y2k_in: sometime's it's more important to impress the boss'
boss, know what i mean?
vadindc: she actually stuttered for a few minutes, and then did lots of
smoothing of her clothes and stuff.
vadindc: weirdest. ever.
fatal67: in today' s economy? it's good just to get paid
vadindc: anyway, i shouldn't really go on about it too much, but it just
seems a little off, you know? maybe i just don't know her that well yet
ozymandias_y2k_in: agreed. especially in a planning meeting in front of
other co-workers.. have you considered approaching her privately and
asking for the scoop?
vadindc: no it was just us. i was the newest employee that day, i think.
it's not a huge staff.
ozymandias_y2k_in: i mean , maybe she would applaud your initiative
SpaceBass98: i'd be careful about that if she covered it she probably
doesn't want to talk about it
SpaceBass98: is she well known for other things?
vadindc: well known?
SpaceBass98: like would her name be useful in branding
vadindc: heyyy, your'e not trying to put me off my euchre game with all
these questions, are you?
SpaceBass98: sorry you got me curious
cljones23: damn
angrycommish: it isn't working if so
SpaceBass98: heh
vadindc: well, i could be doing better
vadindc: keep getting distracted
vadindc: excellent
vadindc: wtg fatal!
ozymandias_y2k_in: sorry vad. I'll pick on one of your opponents for a
while if you want ;)
vadindc: you were picking on me?
vadindc: ;)
fatal67: was the only trick i could have possibly taken
vadindc: and it was just right, fatal
fatal67: well, i get to watch the cards since i have no clue what you
guys are talking about
ozymandias_y2k_in: what do the rest of you players do for a living?
fatal67: i design internet networks. backbones
angrycommish: i work for a genomics company
cljones23: i work for the state. that's why im up late playing cards :0
fatal67: smell that???
vadindc: heh
ozymandias_y2k_in: commish, doing what?
angrycommish: your basic lab rat
vadindc: ns fatal
ozymandias_y2k_in: all i ever did was donate the occasional plasma ;)
angrycommish: damn we stink
angrycommish: anyone else want to give it a try?
vadindc: on the internet, no one can smell you
angrycommish: :)
fatal67: heheh
vadindc: it *is* getting late, though
angrycommish: wonder what happened to notadoll
ozymandias_y2k_in: have to get up early tomorrow
cljones23: that's what coffee is for
fatal67: mountain dew
vadindc: pretty soon i'll have as many games racked up as my friend B.
the rate I'm going. I am not sure what happened to her. sometimes
connections get bad
ozymandias_y2k_in: maybe you'll get better if you play longer and you
can beat her more often
paul_stine: im good for a game, assuming my connection stays stable
fatal67: um, i hope she isn't on one of my networks
vadindc: y'all are addicts!
paul_stine: can't get too much of a good game, i always say
cljones23: right
vadindc: true
angrycommish: this game is almost over, so someone can take my place as
soon as we lose
vadindc: i'm getting kinda bleary
ozymandias_y2k_in: what time do you have to get up tomorrow?
vadindc: probably 7-ish. well, it's only 10 minute walk to the office.
it's not a big deal. today was sort of my web day, anyway.
ozymandias_y2k_in: sleep dep is good. you'll be all frazzled, and be
able to relate to your boss better.
vadindc: Ha!
fatal67: good thing you have a partner
vadindc: Oh really, she's great
angrycommish: and we started out so good
cljones23: Good game
vadindc: wtg partner!
angrycommish: ok vad - I'm out.
angrycommish: good games
vadindc: I think I am out, too.
angrycommish: you too clj
vadindc: It was nice to have a chatty room, though.
ozymandias_y2k_in: quite a little tourney we had going here. All, can we
do this again sometime?
angrycommish: yeah - we should do it again some time
angrycommish: :)
urbanzombie2: Yeah, I never got a chance to play the pros!
ozymandias_y2k_in: i almost enjoy the table talk more than the game!
vadindc: Well, I seem to be addicted to this online euchre thing, so
cljones23: Yeah, I'm a masochist... :)
vpisteve: i waited and waited and never got to play!
vadindc: This was nice.
ozymandias_y2k_in: vad, dude, good luck w/ the boss
vadindc: Thanks!
ozymandias_y2k_in: and seriously, if you ever need any legal advice with
that noncompete...
vadindc: I want to make sure B.'s OK, too.
vadindc: Wonder where she went?
donkey_oatey: two words: wear pants.
vadindc: ozy: heh!
ozymandias_y2k_in: make sure you get her out to visit you!!!
fatal67: why wouldnt she be alright? prolly just the net.
ozymandias_y2k_in: you won't regret having the company. Trust me.
cljones23: "These are not the pants you are looking for..."
paul_stine: Any day, zombie.
fatal67: Ah, your jedi mind trick will not work on me, foolish one.
vadindc: Hey, any excuse to call her, you know. ;)
cljones23: Heh
urbanzombie2: Hey, I pressed it already
urbanzombie2: It just ignored me
vpisteve: he's whipped
urbanzombie2: Damn computer
ozymandias_y2k_in: ummm, i get the feeling you two might be more than
just "friends" 
paul_stine: Just lag, probably.
vadindc: OK, nice playing with you all!
angrycommish: long distance relationships rarely work out...
ozymandias_y2k_in: seeya vad
vadindc: thanks for the good games.
angrycommish: thanks vad. take care
urbanzombie2: Yall come back now, you hear?
vadindc: :)
*** vadindc has left the table
ozymandias_y2k_in: gnaaaaah!!!!
urbanzombie2: There, its out
angrycommish: HAHAHAHA

2. Game 2 (3/27/02): Recap provided by UrbanZombie.

OK, for those who couldn't make it, here's a summary.  When I entered 
about fifteen minutes in, I started making a transcript of everything 
mildly interesting:

V: So B, has work been busy this week?
B: I'm working on it
B: About done
V: Excellent
B: It'd due for review next week, though
C: And what does that mean for your weekend?
B: We'll see, I may be able to make it out your way
V: May?
Mos: What is your job, notadoll?
B: I write.  Nothing exciting.
Zombie: Hey, writing is exciting.  Are you with a publication right 
B: No, I'm working on a manual for a small corporate coaching girm
(What about Grrl-E-Grrl, Barbara?  That was our website, Barbara!  
Barbara?  Don't leave me!)

Fatal: Hey, what happened to you last week doll?
B: My connection went out
B: Couldn't get back into the room
Fatal: See!  Told ya, Bad!  He was all worried and stuff
B: Were you?
Fatal: Er... was I not supposed to say that?
V: I called her anyhow
(AWWWWWWW!  He's conceeeeeeerned.  How cuuuuuute)

V: B, work's been an eye-opener as of late
B: More from JB? (Jo Burgess, not Jawbreakers, if you're wondering)
V: No, thankfully
(At this point, the Jawbreakers got Euchred, and the topic was lost.  

B: So, what's up then?
V: Let's just say...
V: Remember how we were joking about my work nda?
Fatal: I remember, but I can't talk about it.
(Bad-dum, CHING!  Heh.)
V: LOL.  Well, ah, they're not kidding
B: Really.  Did you think they were?
V: No, of course not.
Fatal: You veen talking about stuff you shouldn't?
V: Er, not really, heh.
Adoyle: You know, there ARE limits on what companies can make you 
sign up to in an NDA.
All: *agreement, too long to type*
V: It's not just an NDA though
Adoyle: Maybe you should get some advice from a lawyer (she coyly 
said, being a DC licensed lawyer)
Jamesi: What is it then, Vad?
V: Uh....
V: *Should just shut up*
Wolf: "We've secretly replaced Vad's NDA with Folger's Crystals
Fatal: Come on, you can tell us, who we gonna tell?
B: Oh, I want in on that deal.
V: No kidding
Fatal: If more than one person knows, its not really a secret any more
V: Truer words never spoken
B: That tight, eh?
V: Let's just say that it's lucky I can play Euchre
Zombie: Man, they're one of those "monitor you every move" companies?
V: *nod*
Zombie: My brother worked at a place like that.  They even made him 
move to a new town, they were so bad.
Zombie: Thne one day... *poof*
Zombie: I haven't seen him in months
V: ??

V: So B, that... artwork I sent last week? (Obviously pieces.jpg)
V: Bad move on my part
B: Really?
V: Yeah
B: It was just some trash...
V: It was very nice trash!
V: I only pick the best!
B: I've seen some of the stuff you've picked
V: I have more
B: Really?
V: I absolutely cannot send it though
B: I see.  It's more along those lines

Jamesi: "The creation of man" - that's my fave painting
V: I always imagine that they're going to zap each other with static 
Zombie: LOL
V: That God and man have rubbed feet on the carpet right before that 
Wolf: God: "Pull my finger"

V: So B, electronic correspondance just so happens to be sniffed
B: Really?
V: Big time
B: So no more lunch chats
V: Well, we just have to uh, keep it clean
V: I can't talk about Feng Shui women
B: Gotcha
V: Yes, interesting

V: Anyhow, B, I was adding to my art collection
(Topic somehow goes from him stealing his bosses garbage to Star Wars 
in one magical leap.  We /suck/rule, guys.  Eventually...)
V: B, so I'd like you to have this work of art
B: But no getting it in chat?
V: Nope.

V: Today's my web day at work
V: And you know what sucks about that?
B: What?
V: I have to do a backup tonight, late, late, late.
B: Ug.
V: Yes.  Just onto disk and such.  It's not a big deal, really.
B: So you'll be in a mood tomorrow.  Is that what you're telling me?
V: Yes.
B: Also, I need to do some updates to the site.
Adoyle: You have help?
V: No, I'll be own my own tonight.  Which is a good thing, B.

Adoyle: What do you do usually?
V: I work on stuff.  In a town.
Zombie: VERY specific.
V: Yes, well.
Fatal: Well duh.  I work on stuff in a tow too.
*More discussion of how neither of them can tell us what they do, 
lost track, nothing important*

V: So I think you might find this art interesting, B
Zombie: If you need somewhere to subtly transfer your... art... I 
have a server you can use
V: Thanks, but...

V: I am so not looking forward to the backup, but at least it'll be 
somewhat productive for me

V: So, b, this weekend
V: I almost think you're avoiding the topic!
B: Yes, this weekend
B: ME never
V: Mmm hmm
B: I'll try to make it
B: No promises though
V: It would be really cool
Jamesi: Go for it, doll!  Vad will shower you with gifts!
Vad: I will?  Oh, oh, OK. :)
B: Gift?
V: Yes, showers of gifts!  Piles and stacks!
B: It depends on the manual and, well you know
V: I don't think you need to worry as much as you are.  He's going to 
be fine.
B: You haven't seen him lately
V: I've talked with him a great deal.
James: Send your friend some flowers
B: Oh, flowers wouldn't go over very well.

V: B, you need to come here so I can be less distracted in euchre
V: Not that I don't like you all very much, but...
(We're hurt, Vad.  Hurt.)

V: On the internet, you can be eternally young...

I stopped after they basically stopped saying anything relevent, and 
started playing.  Basically, what we learned was that Vad found 
another interesting document while rumaging through Jo Burgess's 
trash, but security is so high he can't send it out.  We suggested 
lots of ways of sneaking it through, but he brushed them all off.  
Well, he seemed a little interested in hiding the image on the 
Moreland webpage, but ultimately said he definitely couldn't.

In the only other real item of business, and in the highlight of *my* 
evening, Jamesi challenged Vad and Barbie to a bet; if Vad won, 
Barbie would have to visit him this weekend.  If we won, she'd have 
to visit one of us.  Yet despite the fact that we were playing to 
lose, AND cheating rampantly... WE STILL WON!!!!  We totally suck.  
But, on the plus side, I expect Barbie at my front door, wearing 
french maid lingere and holding a feather duster, any day now.  

Other than that, nothing wildly interesting.  I left at 10:30, but 
things seemed to have preetty much wound down by then.  We've learned 
that Vad's getting progressively more creeped out at work, Barbie's 
getting depressed about her work, and Eric is still the worst human 
being on Earth and too paranoid to be left alone.


3. Game 3 (4/10/02): Recap provided by mos_eisley_bartendar.

sue_dinym: wow, lots of people!!
v: Wow, popular night for euchre I guess
donkey_oater: I like to watch.
ozymandias_y2k_in: or just watch
jamesidude: naw... i just saw b. online and had to come and chat for 
a bit
b: good to see you again
jamesidude: as is to see you b :)
sue_dinym: are you guys like a league?
jamesidude: i'm in a eague all my own :)
sue_dinym: ROFL!
v: Heh!
adoyle98: sorta
b: that you are
v: I see some familiar names. Hi! :)
first_tienle: hey, Vad
aveeena: Hey vad
jamesidude: hey vaderoni
aveeena: how is everyone?
donkey_oatey: Hey bad & doll
donkey_oatey: sorry, vad

some greetings

adoyle: hey vad. Vad: Not running backups tonite?
v: Hey, I will try for SHAZAM
v: I can't guarentee it, though.
first_tienle: dr. comeback is at the helm
jamesidude: no way, dude...my SHAZAM today... lol b. passed on the 
message last week, very funny
v: jamesidude: heh
donkey_oatey: Hey kids, how was your Easter?
jamesidude: tienle: awww you remembered!
notadoll70: good, and yours?
donkey_oatey: I have risen
adoyle98: DO has modesty problems.
jamesidude: now that is a SHAZAM
b: so I see
sue_dinym: Good going, partner!
jamesidude: u2 sue
adoyle98: I see that jamesi does not need our help tonite. everyone 
root for vad and b!
sue_dinym: Nooo!!1
v: thanks, adoyle. :)
b: yes :)
jamesidude: damn you adoyle... )
v: I feel like it's been a million years since I last played.
adoyle: me and the underdog, a natural team. but i mean that in the 
best way.
v: It's only been a week.
adoyle98: long week at work?
v: Yes.
jamesidude: a million years, rolled up in a week... sounds like mine
adoyle98: I worked through the weekend myself.
b: so whats going on everyone?
jamesidude: b: finally made a "test version" of that site Ii've been 
talking about
sue_dinym: I'm grrreat!
adoyle98: b, you should see the site! it's a scream!
first_tienle: quiet here. I downloaded a freeware euchre game so I 
can learn it.
b: should I?
ozymandias_y2k_in: i sued three people. four people sued me.
first_tienle: yeah, Jamesi rocks with his new magazine
adoyle98: just dont piss off jamesi or you'll get a SPECIAL page.
jamesidude: lol @ oz
b: perhaps I will
sue_dinym: You have a magazine? Wow!
jamesidude: *blush*
jamesidude: yeah, trying to raise funds to register domain right now
first_tienle: he was gonna sell his first born, but that didn't work 
v: Cards are very soothing.
v: Man, I love this game.
jamesidude: maybe I'll leak out the temporary site tonight... i'm a 
little humbled by it's popularity tho
sue_dinym: I wanna see it!
b: nothing like playing cards to get your mind off of things
v: b, too true
jamesidude: true that
v: although, I've been thinking about cards
jamesidude: sue: maybe I'll sneak in a mention later, right now we 
got to kick some euchrebutt
v: And how they can make sense of things.
b: oh?
sue_dinym: Cards?
v: Yep.
first_tienle: Cards are so straightforward.
sue_dinym: That's so... deep...
v: Yeah, I am not quite as elegant as I used to be.
adoyle98: vad, apropos of old convo - worked on an nda today; all 
about environmental remediation. dont ask.
v: Heh.
sue_dinym: What's an NDA?
b: so did you come to terms with things buddy?
ecindc2002: Non-Disclosure Agreement
sue_dinym: Like, you can't tell your friends what you do at work?
jamesidude: yup
v: b., things are good here. I am learning more every day.
sue_dinym: That sucks... I'd totally quit if my bosses made me do a 
ozymandias_y2k_in: a Nice Dead Adventurer. Sort of like a member of 
the undead who lives in the city.
jamesidude: where do you work sue?
adoyle98: well, depends how strict. usually just protecting specific 
valuable information, not EVERYTHING.
adoyle98: but vad's the one with the cool new job.
adoyle98: how's that going?
v: 9s Kc Jh / Ad Jh 10h Jc Jh Qd
v: Job's great.
sue_dinym: What's that? Sanscrit?
v: Swahili.
sue_dinym: Oh, you guys are smart.
b: looks like a euchre hand.
b: you cheating partner?
jamesidude: table talk!
adoyle98: have the sprung the "o by the way here's 14 other things we 
did not specificanly mention in your position 

sue_dinym: He looks like a cheater... with that sly grin and those 
blue horns.
v: I only cheat in person.
v: ;)
jamesidude: heh
b: yes, but now I know the secret of how to do that
b: i'd still get caught though
v: 10s / 10h Kc Ks / Ah Jc Qs 10h Qs 10s
b: not nearly as sly as you
jamesidude: "been caught cheating, once, when I was five" .. sorry, 
got caught up in a song.
v: I am sly. :)
v: About time you admitted it, B. :)
b: no quoting me later
v: Yeah, well. :)
sue_dinym: Ooh, you let me down partner!
b: jamesi, you aren't on your game tonight
v: wtg, p!
jamesidude: sorry sue
jamesidude: yeah... too tired from this past weekend.
jamesidude: it's a lot of work, mkaing websites... i might have to 
take it up fulltime.
jamesidude: ok sue...
b: oh, really?
jamesidude: yeah
jamesidude: i'm really impressed i did such a good job... and there 
are a lot of gr8 contributing writers
b: really?
jamesidude: yeah
adoyle98: probably dumb question - howcome I cant see vad and b's 
cards? did I mess something up?
jamesidude: maybe I can *sway* you to contribute, ms. writer.
sue_dinym: Oh, bye Vad!
b: no, I didn't allow kibitzing
ozymandias_y2k_in: whoops, there ya go, james. you pissed vad off and 
now he's gone.
sue_dinym: Maybe I shouldn't have gone in alone.
jamesidude: oops... what did I say?
sue_dinym: Did I hurt your feelings, Mr. Vad?
b: yay! you're back
v: Whew.
ozymandias_y2k_in: you asked b to write for your mag, and vad got all 
jealous. :)
v: Net burb.
adoyle98: losr your connection, vad?
v: Yes.
jamesidude: hey crockett, that seat was taken b4 bro
v: Sorry about that.
adoyle98: they kinda started a new game
sue_dinym: Is there a thunder storm near your house or something?
adoyle98: crap. blew away the scores.
sue_dinym: Get up, Mr. Crocket, that's Vad's seat!
v: poke poke
jamesidude: poke poke
adoyle: poke
(crocket has left)
v: Pokey and Gumby
jamesidude: lamo poor guy never saw it coming
v: Heh. :)
b: I have my p back.
donkey_oatey: well, at least this is a friendly crew.
v: yay me!
v: *Pretty* friendly.
ozy: wouldn't want to break up the Dynamic Duo of euchre.
v: Pretty nosey, too. :)
sue_dinym: I'm all the way friendly.
sue_dinym: :D
jamesidude: i'm just pretty :)
james: nice hand pardo!!!
sue: YAYY!
first_tienle: way to go, sue.
b: ouch
sue: I r0x0r!
v: Kc/Ad Jc Jh 9s Js? 9s Kc Jh / Qh
jamesidude: more hand like that and i may have to hug ya sue :)
sue: Stop cheating!
sue: Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!
v: I am just teaching b. some rules about cards. Not this game, I 
promise you.
james: i believe you, vad... *sneaky looks*
b: i'm always looking to learn
gupfee: What kind of game then?
v: gupfee: a super secret game
b: so, it's been a while, pal, what's been going on
b: fewer ph calls, not seeing you online as much
gupfee: Jinkies
sue_dinym: Probably that stoopid DNA thing.
sue: Won't let him call his friends.
adoyle: sue: NDA
sue: Whatever. :P
v: It's been interesting at work. Learning the ropes.
adoyle98: :)
james: nice tricks vad/b
v: Learning all the behind the scenes stuff
v: Getting acclimated.
v: thanks, jamesi
b: thanks :)
james: np
b: so, jamesi, wha's this magazine you've been talking about?
v: Ks Ks Jd 10s / 10h Kc Ks / Qc Ks 10h
adoyle98: getting acclimated - the hardest part
james: *blush* *dragging feet* aww, it's nuthin
sue: This looks like a neat game... are there any strange rules?
adoyle98: figuring out who can be buddies, who you gotta be nice to, 
all that stuff
sue: Anything I couldn't figure out on my own, that is?
james: i don't know if i want to say out loud, b... i'm pretty humble
v: It's ... complicated.
sue: C'mon, Pardo... moment of truth.
james: you guys really want to see it? everyone?
sue: How complicated can it be? Unless its one of those games where 
the cards aren't cards.
ozy: y2k in: hell /yeah/ I wanna see it!
v: Jc Qs Ad / 10s 9d 10s 10h Ks Qc / Ac
sue: Awe, nuts.
v: You are all really nosey. :P
v: Man.
v: Nice!
sue: You're the one talking Swahili and about secret games and stuff.
james: not me vad... i learned my lesson a long time ago.
v: Better show than last time, that's for sure.
sue: We're normal! You're creepy!
v: sue: you didn't have to join this game, you know.
james: nice win kids... let's see if you can do that again.
sue: Well, I've leave then. :P
sue: Big meanie.
b: no doubt
v: You don't have to.
sue: You hurty my feelings, you big jerk.
v: Sorry, I am just a little tense.
v: sue: now you're being a goofball.
sue: Make it up to me. Teach me the game. :D
james: i'd massage you, vad, but that would be wrong. so wrong. ;)
james: lol
v: That's the wrong kind of SHAZAM
james: LMAO
first_tienle: poor sue
sue: Nobody respects poor Sue...
first_tienle: snifff
v: I have a lot of respect for everyone. Really!
v: Except when I am trying to win euchre. ;)
adoyle98: let's see if onyx can play and type at the same time...
james: sue is gone?
b: i can vouch for that
ozy: yeah we noticed you're rating the game table now. Out for blood, 
onyxw: my bad james...I shouldn't have started like that.
sue: Sue will always be here. Sue lives on, in your hearts.
v: hey, I didn't set the table!
james: oh, there u are.
b: that'd be me :)
ozy: b shows her fangs
james: b is the bloodthirsty euchre mistresss
sue: Ouch! You gonna take that?
gupfee: misxtrix you mean :)
james: she knows i'm only joking
v: 9h 9s Js? 9s Kc Kh / Qd Ks As 10c
b: that I do
james: ;)
v: Excellent.
onyxw: ugh
james: good start kids
ony: my bad p
b: not bad p :)
james: naw no worries onyx
v: I am trying my best, p. :)
v: I am always doing my very very best.
b: brb
sue: And when that fails, he cheats, right?
james: m 2... little boys room break, sorry
v: Only in person.
v: And only in euchre.
sue: Hey Mr. Vad, in your game, what's the trump?
sue: I mean, all the REALLY complicated game use trumps and stuff.
v: the chump?
sue: The chump is Jamesi.. I know THAT.
b: b
james: b
v: Ks 10s / As 10h Qd As Js 10h Qs 10s/
james: hey! i'm no chump!
b: oh sure you are
sue: Are so. You lose. ;P
b: ;)
v: Ha!
james: ouch
sue: You know, you're very bad at answering questions, Mr. Vad.
james: *crawls back into shell and relishes the "good times we 
b: with good reason sue
sue: What, that DNA?
v: Jh Kh Kh / 10h Kc Ks / Qc As Jd 10s?
first_tienle: RNA
v: sue: you're very good at being nosy.
v: Nosey?
v: You have a nose.
v: There.
sue: I prefer the term "Investigatively adorable"
b: isn't dna something in the blood
james: dna and rns, i think
james: rns=rna
james: *can't type*
v: 9s Kc Jh / Qh Ks Ks Jd 10s / 10h Kc
james: good job p
onyx: had to make up for that first hand
b: so, p, did I tell you that I got paid for that last assignment! 
all done
v: Ks / Qc As Jc 10h Qs As Js 10s / 10d
v: Excellent!
b: bored to death, but done :)
v: You're such a good writer, b. You should do more feature articles 
and things. Seriously.
first_tienle: b. writer's block is a bear, ain't it?
b: that it is!
b: well, it's not so much the writer's block
v: Js Ac Ks Jc / 9s Jc As Jd 10s? 9s
sue: Where do you write, nota?
b: it's finding something interesting to write on
james: you can write something for me b.. ;)
b: no where really
b: do you pay?
first_tienle: That's true. Sometimes I have all kinds of ideas and 
then they're just gone.
james: ummm. not in dollars
b: you're a start up
sue: Is there anything I could see? I'm being investigatively 
adorable as possible. :D
james: i'm a start up, with very little funds
v: Kc Jh / Kc Jh Qd Ac 10s / Ah As Ad
james: but name a price... i'll see if i can afford you
b: well, if I come up with something, maybe I'll send it to you
james: ok... here, i'm giving in
b: but wasn't it going to be a guys site?
james: you'll probably wanna see the site before you write
james: b: it is, but i am always looking for interesting articles, 
women or men authors
b: i'm not a doll, but i'm not a dude either
v: (shazam!)
james: ouch
v: Definitely not a dude.
first_tienle: oh, give her the url, Jamesi.
james: fine... www.mts.net/~johnwaite
onyx: BAM! no worries p
onyx: =)
james: there, i did it... laugh at your own discretion
v: Qh / 10h Kc Ks / Ks Qd Ks Ad 10h Jc
onyx: the horoscopes are a hoot
b: cool, i'll check it out later
james: ok, but please be gentle
sue: But... but... I LIKED Captain Correlli's Mandolin!
sue: *sniff*
b: oh, but that's no fun :)
james: sue: a contributing writer, not my views
sue: Why don't you point us to some of your writing, notadoll?
james: b: ok, don't be gentle, but don't be brutally honest if you 
hate it, it'll break my heart
b: i wouldn't want to do that
james: :)
james: i'm self-depreciating
b: it's hard exposing yourself sometimes
first_tienle: cut it out
b: though you're the editor, so you don't have much to worry about
b: you get to rip everyone apart
james: true... i did write a little something though, a feature
james: after reading your page on grrl-e-grrl, i was inspired
v: Qs Ad / Ad As Jc? 9s Kc Jh / Qc As
sue: Grrl-E-Grrl? I love that zine!
sue: That Simone Wright is so wonderfully, amazingly brilliant!
first_tienle: LOL
james: SHAZAM!
b: I'll tell my friend how much you like it... it's her little 
sister's zine
v: Qh Ks 10s / 10s 10h Ks 10c Ks / Kd 10d
sue: Wow, you know the people who make it! That is SOOOO cool!
v: Woo woo, p!
james: uh oh
onyx: I'm thinking we're gonna get rocked p
first_tienle: ruh roh
b: that you are
onyx: ugh
james: you think?
sue: I told you you were a chump...
onyx: I got jack and shizzat
james: b /never goes alone unless she's sure
v: B., I am in awe
v: I am doing a guy swoon, here.
james: nice, b... very very nice
sue: Awe.... how cute.
onxyx: that hurt
first_tienle: way to go b!
b: i got a guy swoon out of you, wow!
b: yay me!
v: 10h Ks Js Ah Ks Jc Kd / As / 10s 10h
onyx: nice hand b
james: and i'm not a chump, you, you... aw foregetabout it, i'm too 
tired to insult
v: :)
v: b. rules
b: thanks buddy :)
v: As Jc? 9s Kc Jh / Jc Jh Ah 10s / Ad
sue: You know what? You're really weird, Mr. Vad.
v: You know what, sue? I knew that.
sue: Fair enough!
james: yeah, this coming from the girl who calls strangers 'chumps'
v: ha!
sue: You're not a stranger... you're my pardo! And a chump, of course.
james: lol
v: As 10C Ks / Kh Qs 10s Kc / Jh Kh / 10h
james: yeah, whatever...
james: wtg p
onyx: thanks... you saved me by trumping that one though...coulda 
gotten sketchy without it
v: Kc Ks Qs Jc / 10s Qs Kd Kc 10h? 9s
sue: Kick Kiss Quiche Jack... Tens Quiche Kid Kick Touch? Nines.
sue: Am I close?
v: Quiche is good food.
sue: Mmm.
v: DJ MC sue.
adoyle98: so b, going back to WV to check out that spa anytime soon?
adoyle98: And maybe visit vad?
b: I don't know
b: that would be up to him, i suppose
v: Maybe.
v: Heh.
sue: You were in West Virgina last weekend? Cool... I didn't get to 
go anywhere for spring break..
adoyle98: i got busy at work and lost a weekend myself.
sue: Were you visiting a bunch of friends? Or just Mr. Vad?
b: i was there over easter
b: just vad
james: parents wouldn't let you leave the house without a chaperone 
adoyle: but it sounds like vad needs a little encouragement
v: Kc Jh / Jc Qs Kd 10s / Ks 10c Ks Jc
sue: Wow, a whole weekend alone... ooooh.
adoyle98: jamesi - probably a jailer for sue
sue: Mr. Vad and Notadoll sitting in a tree
sue: K-I-S-s-I-N-G
b: not alone, met a bunch of people
first_tienle: really? That's always nice.
v: Yeah, got to meet oscar.
v: Briefly, though.
onyx: sorry P didn't have much to work with to help
sue: See, that's good... you should always try to meet new people in 
gupfee: The grouch? I love him
adoyle98: all the more reason to visit again, firm up new friendships
adoyle98: Oscar who?
first_tienle: The award show? I love that
v: Although I'd hardly met him.
sue: *Deserves one*
b: who was oscar?
b: i met so many people... i mixed them all up
v: I think was there for a meeting, he says he remembers seeing us
v: Didn't get to really hang out with him until last weekend
b: ah
adoyle98: jamesi you started out so well tonite
sue: He was probably there on spring break too!
james: yeah, i know
gupfee: Meeting? Are you Quakers?
b: i know, what's up jamesi
onyx: allright p...time to rally this game.
james: tired
james: no good cards
james: i'm a chump
sue: You just miiiiss me as your pardo. That's it.
v: 9d / Jh 10s Ad As Jc / Js Qs Kd Kc 10h?
b: no, i'm not a quaker
adoyle98: my college team
james: stop hitting on me sue, i'm a married man
donkey_oatey: My dad's name was Quaker.
sue: EEEWWW!
adoyle98: team mascot -Ben Franklin. No bright green fur or anything.
donkey_oatey. Fond memories of me and Quaker Oatey.
v: b. that's all the rules I have for you tonight.
sue: Donkey
adoyle: *pounds donkeyoatey&
v: did you get them all?
first_tienle: whew, that was a lot o' rules
sue: I still don't get the first one! No fair!
b: I think so
b: 21
v: yes
v: Poor sue!
b: and donkey, you're a trip
first_tienle: b. you could always write an article about the rules of 
first_tienle: or euchre as life
v: That would be cool.
doney_oatey: doll: a trop to the looney bin, maybe
b: I could
james: i'd buy that
v: She couldn't give away my secrets, though
onyx: or meeting friends by playing euchre.
b: oh, but I could p
b: can you trust me?
v: I think so.
b: so do i
v: You're one of the few.
v: :)
onyx: don't encourage them sue =)
adoyle: good friends are hard to find. hold on to them!
sue: Sorry...
adoyle98: esp if they have vacation places in Wv
gupfee: Hard friends are good to hold
sue: I'm sure Vad's hard to hold, with those points on his head
b: but doesn't he look good in blue
james: SHA.............
adoyle98: you should thank me for feeding you all these straight 
lines, gang
james: ..................ZAM!
v: Heh
v: Ow.
first_tienle: wink wink
onyx: can you really shazam if I had the highest card up to that 
adoyle98: is it SHAZAM if you only get 1 point?
james: it's always SHAZAM
adoyle98: aaaah.
v: SHAZAM 24/7
sue: You're also really weird, Jamesi.
v: starring, Jamesidude!
james: yeah, and a chump... don't forget the chumpiness.
sue: I didn't.
first_tienle: chumpanzies.
adoyle98: jamesi: editor in chief of an oddly-named online 'zine
james: "who's the privade dick that a sex machine with all the 
chicks.. SHAZAM that's right"
v: Shut yo' mouth
v: I'm just talkin' about Jamesi!


4. Game 4 (4/17/02): Recap provided by vpiSteve. Private chat between UrbanZombie and Barbie follows.

jamesi: so how are things y'all?
notadoll: pretty good, how about with you?
jamesi:Awesome, but you already knew that ;)
vad: I'm alright, thanks for asking

doll: so p, have you heard from bear lately? he was asking me about 
you today
doll: wondering if we were going to be playing tonight
vad: yeah, a little bit
doll: cool. he's doing much better. misses you a lot
vad: i miss him too, Always with his music. :)
doll: very true
vad: it seems he's doing much better. stronger, somehow
doll: yes
ozy: vad, this is like the third week in a row that this bear 
fellow's put the guilt trip on ya. Are you ganna invite him to visit 
you in that retirement community of yours or what?
ec: yes, maybe he can drive down there to visit you
vad:ozy? it's uh, nice to know you're keeping up on my social 
calendar, there.
vad: besides, i am spry and youthful
jamesi: lol maybe ozy is a little 'n'ozy, catch my drift
uz: witty
vad: you ALL are nosy people
doll: yes, your social calendar...
vad: what IS it about the internet?
jamesi: not me.. i gave up nosiness loooong time ago
ec: vad, we are not nosy. by the way...what was your credit card 
number again?
vad: heh!
jamesi: now i'm training in the art of shazam
adoyl: i need teachin' that's for sure
vad: The Way of the SAHZAM
ozy: Ghost Vad: the way of the Shazam. Coming to a theatre near you
doll:if it meant that i could see vad, i'd put in my $10
jamesi: awwwwww
ozy: and the room all goes: awwwwww
adoyle: what, no spa invite yet?
doll: still waiting on that one
vad: we'll have to make plans, b.
ec: Vad, you seem to do very little inviting
doll: cool
ec: too busy?
vad: work's busy, yeah. chaotic
ec: you dont'work at a post office, do you? the whole room would be 
lonely after a shooting spree
vad: ec: sounds like you know the trade
ec: what trade? shooting sprees?
vad: ;)
uz: is there a shooting spree trade? can't imagine there'd be much 
room for promotion
vad: you could get to the top pretty quickly, though
uz: right, but even then the pay scale would suck. I mean after you 
take their small change
adoyle: and their stamps
ec: flexible work hours, though
uz: right, of course
ec: you work practically once a lifetime.
vad: it's amazing how maudlin it can get in here.
vad: someone, quick! Talk about bunnies!
doll: agreed
uz: i like puppies, if it helps
do : i like bunnies
ec: where is the pancake bunny?
do: they taste good

[Some inane talk about bunnies that wasn't worth typing, then Barbie 
is asked about writing some more articles]

doll: i've got a couple things that i keep meaning to get to
vad: what're you plannin on?
doll: and then don't for whatever reason
doll: well, i'm still hoping to do that article on Moreland. I'm 
pitching it to a couple places. we'll se what happens
uz: that's interesting
vad: hm
doll: well, planned communities are on the rise
katya: maybe james would be interested in a moreland article for his 
tienle: yeah,but he doesn't pay
doll: it seems to be more the games and reviews sort of genre

[nice euchre move by Vad]

doll: that's my boy
vad: i'm your boy, eh?
doll: not with your pie..yes i'm rolling my eyes
jamesi: lol b
doll: well, maybe
vad; mmm, pie
uz: not a big fan of pie, to be honest. bad memories.
adoyle: can't get the peach pie to stay together
uz: doyle: it's all in how you insert the filling
uz: i hear it helps to put it in backwards
adoyle: uz, the images....

[then a hint]

vad: B: Rouen and Paris, so different, yet so similar
doll: ok

[later, vad and barbie apparently have had a private convo]

vad: you ok there, b?
doll: yes. just thinking about what you said
vad: ok
vad: i know, me too.
doll: and i agree. they are
jamesi: vad, you're such a good guy
vad: jamesi: heh, why's that?
james: you're looking out for your pal barbie
vad: yep. always :)
james: a good friend, i like that
vad: B., you'll get it. :)
vad: i have total confidence.

[Then, another clue]

Vad: These rumors of my cheating, that's all they are.....RUmors!
doll: i am witness to such 'rumors'


vad: is everythin ok? is there anything i can do? what's wrong?
doll: i usually look forward to this time with you
doll: just support me :) i have a feeling i'll need it tomorrow
vad: i have a bad feeling about this
ad: b, what's up tomorrow? sounds sad
doll: i'm just going to have a couple friends upset with me. nothing 
that i can't handle
vad: who?
doll: but if he's in my corner, it will go smoother
ad: sounds like a cue for vad
ozy: vad: help the poor girl out here. offer a shoulder, super 
absorbent, no waiting
vad: ozy: thanks for your suggestion, pal
vad: b, want me to call you?
doll: just going to have to suck up to a couple friends
vad: if there's anything i can do from way over here. anything
doll: i know
vad: suddenly i feel really far away.
doll: but you know the difficulties with communication

Private chat between UrbanZombie and Barbie

So, me and Barbie were chatting it up tonight... you know, all casual-

notadoll70: Hi
urbanzombie2: Why, hello.
notadoll70: i've been thinking about what you said
urbanzombie2: I'm glad to hear it. I understand that you have a great 
deal to think about.
notadoll70: why do you say that?
urbanzombie2: It seems you've had quite an unusual couple of months.
notadoll70: yes, that is true
urbanzombie2: I am afraid that I can do little to ease your burden at 
this time. However, if you have questions, I may have answers.
notadoll70: why did you send me the msg
notadoll70: what are your intentions
notadoll70: realizing that you'll not answer that truthfully
urbanzombie2: Because, as strange as it may seem, your friend Vad may 
have the opportunity to right many wrongs.
notadoll70: what do you mean
notadoll70: you seemed concerned before
notadoll70: now you want him to act
urbanzombie2: I am not asking anything of him, or you.
urbanzombie2: But he is a good man in an unfortunate situation, and I 
hope the best for him.
notadoll70: what situation?
urbanzombie2: I do not want to force you into anything... I do not 
know everything, but I may know more than you care to see. Are you 
sure you want my help?
notadoll70: no, I'm not sure at all
notadoll70: in fact I'd say that I'm very unsure
notadoll70: and I'm very nervous about this right now
urbanzombie2: Understandable. Again, if you have questions, I have 
answers Ms. Mills.
notadoll70: I don't know what the questions are
notadoll70: i don't know how you found us
notadoll70: i don't know what is happening
urbanzombie2: Do you believe in fate, Ms. Mills?
(Note: OK, I was pushing it here.  But I think the next bit rocks 
bells.  Screw you all)
urbanzombie2: Last week, while playing a casual game of Euchre, I 
discovered a nice couple, one of whom lives in an unusual town named 
urbanzombie2: Two hours later, I discovered that a close friend of 
mine was murdered, just miles outside of the very same Moreland.
urbanzombie2: I don't believe in fate, Ms. Mills, but I do believe in 
urbanzombie2: Ganmed Biotechnical has murdered to conceal their 
secrets. They have murdered, and they shall do so again.
urbanzombie2: Your friend Vad may be the hero of this tale, or he may 
be a victim. Time will tell. But I will help if I can.
notadoll70: what do you know about Arney?
urbanzombie2: Jim Arney? The more I know about that wretched shadow 
of a man, the less I wish to know.
notadoll70: that's my gut too
urbanzombie2: I would avoid him at all costs... have you been in 
contact with him?
notadoll70: no
notadoll70: not recently
urbanzombie2: That is good. Your life will be both longer and happier 
for it.UrbanZombie>  urbanzombie2: If you're feeling particularly 
investigative, you might find Chet Doan's mailbox interesting. His 
password is 'shelley'.
notadoll70: thank you
notadoll70: where do I use it
notadoll70: how do I get in?
urbanzombie2: http://www.ganmed.com/login.asp Really, I think you 
could have found that yourself, Ms. Mills... :D
notadoll70: probably
notadoll70: but why not ask
notadoll70: you obviously know where it is
urbanzombie2: You can always ask
urbanzombie2: Here's some light reading you might enjoy, also. If you 
have any further questions, I can be contacted at qamu@sympatico.ca
urbanzombie2: Be well, Ms. Mills.

I sent her the Navajo memo (Clearly about Moreland) and the exploding 
grandmas memo (Clearly about Exploding Grandmas).  I'm a little 
disappointed with my inability to be suave and film-noirie under 
pressure, but at least I gave her a whack-load of information.

5. Game 5 (4/25/02): Recap provided by Aveena.

The transcript from tonight's euchre chat is below.  I have tried to 
get rid of the superfluous conversation as best I can.  Keep in mind 
that Barbie (notadoll70) is chatting in euchre and with jamesi and 
Mos (servmos and ecindc2002) separately on messenger. [indicated in bold -ed.]

Most of the convo is Vad talking about the brute force attempts at 
moreland-vw.org.  Gupfee tries unsuccessfully to get info about 
Nadine and her gardening.  At the end we get a clue from Barbie to 
the picture on her Yahoo profile.

We begin with jamesi and barbie on Y!M:
  jamesidude: i just told her i was glad to see her
  jamesidude: *sigh* am i glad to see you 
  notadoll70: oh, it's great to see you
  notadoll70: how have you been?
  jamesidude: pretty well, but today was hard... students were 
crazy... how are things?
  notadoll70: ok
  notadoll70: could be better, could be worse
  jamesidude: lemme guess... a million dollars would make it better, 
but a broken fridge would make ti worse?
  notadoll70: yes, you are correct
  jamesidude: i am psychic, i tell ya ;P
  jamesidude: you guys euchring tonight? i could use the light-
hearted chat today 
  notadoll70: oh, so could I! I hope to meet up with him in a bit
  notadoll70: we'll have to see
  jamesidude: ok
  maybe i should do the invite today
  jamesidude: hey, i'm in social 13, table 6 if you are interested
  notadoll70: oh cool, I may check in later
  notadoll70: I want to see if I can hook up with Vad first
  jamesidude: ok, lemme know if you guys do play, k?
  notadoll70: oh, sure thing
  notadoll70: yay! I found Vad! Are you up for a quick game or two?
  jamesidude: sure!
  notadoll70: lounge 16 table 8
  jamesidude: be right there, just warming up the shazam

(euchre game begins)
  doll: so, did you have a long day today p?
  vad: yeah and it's far from over
  vad: long night tonight
  doll: really?
  vad: just maintenance
  vad: we've had to deal with lots of traffic
  doll: really
  vad: yeah, heavy hits
  adoyle: traffic ? on yr homepage or email traffic
  vad: not my homepage, work's
  kat: lot of ppl interested in your little retirement community?
  doll: well that's a good thing itsn't it... moreland must be 
getting popular
  vad: i wouldn't say popular's the word
  doll: oh
  vad: "little retirement community?" heh :P
  kat: not little?
  vad: it just seemed a bit condescending, sorry
  doll: you aren't there to retire are you?
  vad: i am young and strong
  doll: you are coming back home sometime, aren't you?
  vad: hell yes
  ad: so not "popular"?
  doll: funny, that's why bear moved everything around
  vad: :)
  mos: bear? why do you have bears moving things around?
  doll: oh, bear is a friend of ours
  doll: he runs a little site
  ed: i've never seen a bear run a website
  ad: did you mention bear before? wasn't he lonely?
  vad: moving stuff around doesn't ever help, its as if someone 
clueless is just htting the site
  doll: yes, i may have
  doll:  he's a great friend of ours; had a rough time a couple 
months ago
  doll: he's doing much better now
  vad: its been very frustrating
  kat: anything interetsting on his site?
  doll: no, it's just some crazy advocacy site
  ilona: advocacy like those weird sites that sell bumper stickers to 
put on suvs
  doll: pretty much; he's a freak like that
  vad: a lovely freak
  (jamesi talks about his dog "bear")
  ilona: hmmm so we have a dog named bear and a webmaster named bear? 
that could get confusing!
  vad: i'll just pretend it's cos i am distracted by work
  (refering to losing that game)

(misc conversation about nothing important)

  kasey: irony is what its all about. well, that and apple 
cider...and donuts...
  vad: gah!
  doll: oh, cider & donuts! that's a bit of heaven
  vad: mm, apple cider
  kasey: s'not cider season anymore, though...i'm having to settle 
for smirnoff ice
  doll: a good thing to settle with, i suppose
  (talk of apple cider)
  doll: you'll have to head up to moreland
  kasey:  ooh they have an orchard?
  ad: do they sell cider? let you pick apples?
  doll: they're rather known (as known as a new town can be) for 
their apples
  vad: especially their apple pie, right b?
  doll: right
  doll: how many pieces of pie did we have over easter?
  vad: too many
  vad: i am still working them off
  mos: yes, apples are delicious. sometime you seem like you live 
forever after eating those things. of course, that's just a terrible 
lie, but it is fun to pretend and then do dare-devil and immeasurable 
dumb/stupid stunts
  vad: um thanks for sharing ec (MOS)
  jamesi: talks about a secret euchre irc room
  vad: i wish i had that kinda spare time! :)
  gup: so vad, you do the moreland web site?
  vad: gup: i help with it
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: oh, that's great news!
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: thanks 
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: I'll try to work on an article for you
 j[a]mesi|euchre: she's referring to guysguise.com being fully 
  gup: i was reading the newsletter- they mayor's wife has very weird 
taste in plants
  vad: i have black thumb; i know nothing of plants
  gup: well, i do a bit of gardening, and the stuff she mentions just 
doesn't go well together
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: i'd appreciate anything... all the 
email links there should work now
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: ok, great!
  doll: hey, what do you mean by script kiddies?
  gup: have you seen her gardens?
  vad: the site is being intentionally being hit
  vad: it's been frustrating; repeatedly
  mos: vad: is it still getting hit?
  jamesi: the moreland site?
  vad: yep
  ad: you mean kids running scripts on you? that can get expensive, 
can't it?
  doll: you should really talk to eric, he's been dealing with that 
too. i wonder if that's a common thing to have happen
  vad: it's a terrible waste of resources; it's a pain in the ass; 
and whatever they're doing; it's useless; days and days of it
  mos: i wonder where it could be coming from. certainly no one in 
here, i hope!
  gup: why would anyone hit moreland? nothing there really.
  vad: yeah, ask bear what's up w/ his site
  doll: all i know is that he thought it was serious
  vad: well, it loks very deliberate, whatever it is
  doll: that he thought it was a well planned attack
  vad: yes, here too
  doll it's happended repeatedly; some dictionary script
  vad: yes!
  doll: it hit multiple times this last week; he said we're not safe 
  jamesi: vad: yes, here to what?
  vad: dictionary scripts
  doll: that's why i have what i have for you
  vad: you have something for me, b?
  vad: oh yeah i have ip#s; i can pretty much figure out who it 
narrows down to; it's one person
  jamesi: one person is hacking into your site,..that should make it 
easy to catch him/her
  vad: definitely
  gup: report it to their isp, get their account shut off
  kasey: i say you dos them back (but then, i have no common sence...)
  vad: kasey, i don't have the time nor the inclination to do that :)
  jamesi: is it someone you know, or a stranger?
  kasey: yeah, prolly not a wise idea, come to think of it...darn, 
and i so like mysteries like that
  gup: what's the IP? we'll go kick their butt for you
  vad: the dumb think is, this person is essentially drawing 
megabytes of bandwidth on a dialup
  vad: like i said, it's been frustrating
  vad: can we spam him for you?
  jamesi? maybe he/she's rerouting their Ip through someone elses
  servmos: ecindc2002: Hi there. Can you hear me now?
  servmos: ecindc2002: A friend of yours, urbanzombie, asked me to 
send you a message.
  servmos: notadoll70: hi
  servmos: notadoll70: really
  servmos: notadoll70: who are you?
  servmos: ecindc2002: Yeah. It's encrypted, so I have no idea what 
it says.
  servmos: notadoll70: and how do you know this urbanzombie?
  servmos: ecindc2002: He just asked me to send it to you.
  servmos: ecindc2002: I don't know him well. I talked to him over IM 
once. Nice guy.
  vad: heh, rabid euchre players, who'da thunk?
  servmos: notadoll70: you talked to him over IM once and he asks you 
to send a file to someone you don't know...an encrypted file
  servmos: notadoll70: and you do
  servmos: ecindc2002: Anyway, he pointed me to this link: 
  jamesi: euchre brings out the Beast in me
  servmos: ecindc2002: Don't ask me to explain his logic.
  servmos: notadoll70: i'm not questioning his, I'm questioning yours
  servmos: ecindc2002: That I give you a message he asked me to give 
  servmos: notadoll70: ok
  servmos: notadoll70: can you email it to me
  jamesi: of course, so do enciladas
  doll: enchiladas yum!
  servmos: ecindc2002: I just gave you the link to it.
  servmos: ecindc2002: http://www.martavius.com/text.htm
  servmos: notadoll70: i'm sorry
  servmos: notadoll70: you can tell zombie to send it to me
  servmos: notadoll70: he knows how
  vad: vad notices jamesi speaking in third person
  jamesi: that was for all the wwf fans out there
  doll: ew, wwf
  vad: i second that ew
  (wrestling debate)
  vad: TOO MUCH SPANDEX (re: wrestling)
  (vad/doll win a game)
  vad: WOOT!
  jamesi: what is w00t?
 * j[a]mesi|euchre is playing SO dumb
  (kasey explains wOOt)
  vad: i always see people type it. it's fun to say
  jamesi: i'm no hacker
  vad: "I just eat them for breakfast"
  ad: vad is worked up about those scripts
  vad: i am just confused by them
  ad: watcha gonna do? is there a tool to block it?
  vad: they serve absolutely no purpose; i am working on blocking it
  doll: um, question what is 133t
  jamesi: 133t...is that a hacker term too?
  vad: miles long logs of random words and searches for pages that 
don't exist
  jamesi: so, they are not TAKING info but LEAVING info on the site 
  vad: they're just hitting it w/ garbage searches
  doll: it's sort of scary that the same thing happened to erics site 
and yours
  vad: yes, it's really.....stupid
  kasey: doll, do you have a site? has it been hit?
  doll: no i don't have a site
  kasey: eric = bear?
  doll: i don't really know anything abou them...just what i get from 
bear and v
  doll: yes, eric is bear
 onyx: b/c he's...cuddly?
 doll: yes, he can be rather cuddly

(misc. convo)

 doll: hey, speak for yourself jamesi, vad is anything but ugly
 vad: *blush*
 kasey: should i hit on him then, doll?
 doll: un, you can hit on him, i suppose
 gup: doll, way to fight for your man
 vad: you are all very entertaining, i just wanted to say that
 vad: weird and strange, but entertaining nonetheless
 gup: vad, i could say the same about nadine's garden choices
 vad: gup: i'll have to take your word on it
 doll: sorry, phone
 doll: actually i have a little surprise for you v
 vad: do you b?
 doll: i do
 jamesi: it isn't a 'crying game' kind of surprise i hope
 doll: jamesi you ruined it
 jamesi: damn, sorry b
 vad: it's a pop culture avalance, here folks
 ad: good grief. here i am looking for ideas for spring planting
 gup: i mean if all the landscaping has to be approved by some 
central committee, how did she get away with it?
 vad: she's that mayor's wife. i expcet she can do what she likes
 vad: you ppl stalking me? or something?
 gup: no, im stalking nadine
 vad: freaky gardening stalkers
 ozy: i personally only stalk ice pricensses and fashionistas
 gup: i'd like to have a chat w/ that woman-does she have an email 
 gup: she needs to get a gardening clue
 jamesi: gup: private detective for Martha STewart
 jamesi: gupfee hammer, garden slammer
 vad:man my game is off
 doll: as is mine
 doll: i think this is my last one for the night
 onyz: no surprises b?
 vad: so, what did you have for me?
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: you leaving early tonight? 
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: I am
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: awwwwww
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: it's been a long couple days
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: wanna talk about it?
 vad: * who paid off the dealer???
 vad: ;)
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: wanna talk about it?
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: not particularly, just a lot of stress
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: ok
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: Congrats on the domain name, btw
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: thanx very much, i owe it all to you
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: oh, I doubt that 
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: no, you pointed me to gandi.net
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: you should probably be thanking your 
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: lol
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: it was cheap to buy the name there, i 
do owe you one (or two) 
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: no problem, just passing on things I 
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: you know web guys...always talking 
about it
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: funny the things that you learn, 
especially when you never really wanted to learn them 
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: well, i am forever in your debt
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: I'll keep that in mind
 ozy: *patiently waits to hear the lurid details of b's surprise*
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: how come every time i'm in euchre i get 
abused by complete strangers??? gay indeed...
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: I don't know what to tell you
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: lol i know, i'm just venting
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: but you just won
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: yeah i know... and then our evening 
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: yes
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: til next time
 doll: im off
 vad: me too
 vad: i have a lot of work to do tonight
 doll: v, check for a new picture
 vad: b?
 doll: i think you'll like it
 vad: i will :)
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: later b
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: later
j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: have a good night
j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: u2

6. Game 6 (5/01/02): Recap provided by Aveena[ninja].

Here's the latest trascript from the euchre soap opera.  As usual, 
Barbie (notadoll70) is participating in multiple chats, thereby 
ignoring Vad; so he gets upset and leaves, but not before giving us 
the clue that brownpaperblag has already posted.  Barbie's chats are 
with UZ (ZombieandKala) and Jamesi on Y!Messenger, and then the rest 
of us in euchre.

NOTE:  After Vad left euchre, Barbie was chatting with the others and 
mentioned that she was aware of a new building opening soon at 
Moreland, but didn't know what the building was for.  I didn't catch 
that part of the chat for the transcript, but she didn't give us much 
more than that on the building.

 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  i'm glad to see that you are ok.
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  did you get my email?
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: Indeed I did.  And I responded.  Did 
you not recieve it?
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  no
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: Hmm... odd.  Are you filtering your 

  vad: how was your day b?
  doll: it was ok, yours?
  vad: alright, the weather's clearing up, i think

 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  no, i don't believe so
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  and if I do, i usually forward it
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  i've gotten other mail
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: Odd.
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  very

  doll: that's good
  vad: anything interesting going on b?
  doll: not really
  vad: nothing?
  doll: hung out w/ creeps today, she says hello
  vad: that's cool, did you go shopping?

 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: Nonetheless, I am well, if perhaps 
someone concerned now.
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: Have you had any difficulties this 
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  concerned? 

  doll: no, just went to lunch
  doyle: vad, did you fix your website prob last week?
  vad: yeah, everything seems to be fine now, thanks for asking
  vad: i think

 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  no, just trying to piece together the 
information you gave me
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: I can understand... there is much 
going on, and very little of it is happening in the open.
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: Keep your eyes open, Ms. Mills, and 
you will eventually see the truth.

  vad: so did you have a fun time w/ creeps?

 ZombieandKala: otadoll70:  what was it that you asked someone to 
give me?  or did you ask someone to give me something?
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: I did, and I apologize.  Mr. Chan is 
merely an acquaintance of mine, whom I asked to pass on a tidbit of 
information while I was otherwise indisposed.  I should have known 
you would be wary of strangers bearing gifts.
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  Mr Chan you say
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  interesting
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: I merely wanted to direct you here... 
I thought it might be of some interest:
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: 
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: It likely means more to you than it 
does to me.
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  i'll take a look
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: Have you met Mr. Chan previously?  He 
was investigating Ganmed before I was...

  vad: i fell like i haven't talked to you in ages, b
 ZombieandKala: I referred to Mos as Mr. Chan, right.  I'm an idiot.

  doll: yes, we had a good time

 ZombieandKala: Mr. Chan being the name that Nocars was originally 
bruted under

  doll: it does feel that way a bit, i suppose

 ZombieandKala: otadoll70:  i'm not sure
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  i recall the name
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  i believe that there were problems with 
some chans
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  i'd have to ask a friend about that

  vad: i thought my home sickness would diminish, but no

 ZombieandKala: I fucked up.  I referred to you as "Mr. Chan" 
(because your nick is EC), forgetting that Chan was the name that 
Nocars was bruted by.
 ZombieandKala: She caught it.

  doll: well, we all wish you were home; it's not the same w/o you; 
bear really misses you
  vad: i miss bear; i miss you

  doll: but you've been getting on well in moreland lately
  vad: work is clearer to me now, i guess
  vad: i am learning the ropes
  doll: and you've made friends
  vad: i think maybe
  vad: i feel so detached from everything
  vad: hey b, don't fall asleep! :)
  doll: sorry
  doll: just a bit distracted
  vad: it's ok
  vad: you're awfully distracted lately
  ozy: yeah doll, what's up?
  doll: nothing really
  doll: everything is pretty much the same
  vad: but it seems like there's so much going on
  vad: b?
  doll: sorry, on the phone
  doll: you know creeps, always calling
  doll: she says hello
  vad grumbles at ozy for hitting on doll
  vad: i've been extremely busy, so it's hard to keep up w/ other 
ppl's annoying habits (re: the brute force)
  vad: b, did you get my photo album?
  doll: yes, didn't quite know what to make of it though
  doll: i see that you solved the math problem i tried to make
  vad: yes
  doll: sorry about that; i'll not do that again
  doll: he's a sweetheart (jamesi that one's for you)

 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  so, what can you tell me about mr. chan?

  doll: sorry just chatting w/ creeper
  vad: yeah, bear was telling me you guys have been thick as thieves
  vad: lately

 ZombieandKala: rbanzombie2: I know little about Chan... although he 
seems to be coverring much of the same ground I am.  He's in the chat 
right now...
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: I feel less sad stalking innocent 
strangers knowing that someone else is :D

  vad: what do you guys talk about? it's not like you're into fashion 
like she is
  doll: we just chat
  doll: guy problems and all that
  vad: guy problems?
  vad: and that's it?

 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: If you want to know his intentions, I 
suggest you talk to him yourself.

  vad: that seems a bit, i dunno
  doll: mainly hers
  vad: mainly?
  doll: i don't know, we just talk; you know creeps
  vad: i guess

 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  you believe that he can be trusted?
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: Not in the slightest.  But he is 
mostly harmless.
 ZombieandKala: Heh.

  (jamesi joins and everything is right in the world again)
  vad: still distracted, b?
  vad; b??
  doll: sorry
  vad: talking to creeps some more?

 ZombieandKala: otadoll70:  it's the mostly that worries me
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  i'm sorry that i didn't get the 
information you gave him
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  it just seemed that it was odd
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  the way he presented himself
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: Don't be.  I should have found a more 
subtle messenger.
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  ok

  vad: b/c it's nice you have time to talk to her
  doll: i was telling creeps all about ozy
  vad: esp since you just had lunch and all
  vad: (whines about b not talking to him, spending time w/ creeps)
  vad: that's the whole prob, i don't know anything ( re: b & him )
  doll: like i do?
  vad: i don't know
  vad: you obviously have plenty to talk about
  vad: it's not as if i'm *stranded* in some new strange place
  doll: you know as much about anything as i do
  doll: you aren't stranded
  doll: you chose to go there; you have friends there
  vad: i have *a* friend
  vad: maybe; i don't even know
  vad: well, you know, you could pretend like you want to be here, b
  vad: that might help
  doll: i do want to be here
  vad: here, and on the phone
  doll: and i'd like to be w/ you
  doll: and i'd like you to be here
  vad: oh, really?
  doll: yes
  vad: i am not getting that impression
  doll: so why don't we just play cards :)

 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: vad's not too chipper tonight, is he?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: no, he's certainly is not
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: men!
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: lol
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: what's bugging him?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: i have no idea
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: i get a little distracted chatting to 
a couple people
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: and miss playing a card or two
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: and he flips

  doll: so, p, are you going to play?
  vad: sorry; got distracted
  doll: see, it happens

 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: odd... he's usually the one who is a 
little slow on the discard...
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: ouch... i could see the tongue in 
cheek all the way from here on that comment... he's pretty snarky for 
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: that he is
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: if he only knew
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: it's just so frustrating

  vad: no, it doesn't just happen; i mean, i had to purposefully sit 
here just now
  vad: see, it takes *effort*
  vad: you know what?
  vad: it's getting claustrophobic in here
  doll: come on
  vad: come on what?
  doll: don't be ridiculous
  vad: ridiculous? are you kidding me?
  doll: just play a card
  vad: i don't need this tonight, i know this much
  doll: lets just play the game
  vad: you know what, tell bear that according to Hoyle, 272
  vad: i'm out of here

 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: holy crap!
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: that was insane... that is not Vad at 
all... ugh
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: he'll get over it
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: i hope

  doll: i have no idea what that was all about
  doll: he's in some sort of mood

 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: you okay?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: b, you okay???
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: yes, i'm fine
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: wondering if I should call him
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: my advice?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: yes
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: call him... that's not Vad, and he's 
probably very pissed off at something totally unrelated and taking it 
out on you because you two are so close

 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  and this is the guy that you say i can 
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: EC?  He has issues, but he's smarter 
than he looks.  Or sounds.  Or acts.
 ZombieandKala: otadoll70:  well I'd hope
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: If you're referring to Vad, then I 
would certainly trust him, but I doubt that I have to tell you that.
 ZombieandKala: notadoll70:  if he wasn't, he'd have a tough time 
getting along in life
 ZombieandKala: urbanzombie2: I'd imagine he does anyways.

 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: you're fairly quiet now, b... ;P
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: sorry, been trying to call the v-man
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: he's not answering my calls

  doll: (writing manual for) The Sestili Coaching Group
  doll: it's the owner's last name

 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: so, do you think that vad is unhappy 
in moreland?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: maybe a bit
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: i think he's more unhappy with me
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: maybe he is just missing you too 
much... unless you're doing something sadistically evil to him
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: he caught me in a lie, i think
 j[a]mesi|euchre: *yipes!*
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: he caught me in a lie, i think
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: oh?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: yes
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: about?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: i don't know
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: i don't really know if he did
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: did you lie to him?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: not really
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: sort of
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: white lie? trying to help rather than 
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: exactly like that
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: if you feel guilty, then you already 
know that he knows, b
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: yes
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: i suppose so
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: and he's not taking phone calls... did 
you try to email him at every account you can find?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: he is, after all, the man with a 
thousand emails (yahoo, moreland, more that i don't know fo i'm sure)
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: lol
 j[a]mesi|euchre: mos, be fair... i was before you way before that
 j[a]mesi|euchre: um, i mean.. i was against you way before that
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: send him an eCard... sign it with 
love, make it flashy... get his attention back on your good side
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: 
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: maybe I will
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: thanks!
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: that's a great idea
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: that's a great idea
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: well, i have had a few spats with the 
Mrs. before, i'm well versed in the art of reconciliation 
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: not that you can make demands right 
now, but int he future, you should tell him that you want to spend 
more time with him, no excuses
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: oh, you think that will help?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: oh, you think that will help?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: hey, your aniversary is coming up soon 
isn't it?
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: this month I thought you said
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: definitely! it shows him that you 
still find him a true blue friend, but your relationship has been 
strained by distance lately
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: that's true
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: that's true
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: anniversary is June 24, i think
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: oh june
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: i was off a month
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: and what do you mean you think!
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: but still, you;re doing pretty good 
with my personal info...
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: um, er, i mean, i KNOW it's june 24
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: if i was Vad, i'd call you nosy or 
something, like he does to the other Wednesday regulars
 j[a]mesi|euchre: jamesidude: ;)
 j[a]mesi|euchre: notadoll70: :)
 jamesi: jamesidude: well, b, unless there's anything else, your 
knight in shining armor must bid you adieu
 jamesi: notadoll70: oh, good night
 jamesi: notadoll70: tell your wife that I say hello
 jamesi: notadoll70: tell your wife that I say hello
 jamesi: notadoll70: and then let her know how wonderful she must be
 jamesi: jamesidude: for sure
 jamesi: jamesidude: for sure
 jamesi: jamesidude: question: why must she be wonderful?
 jamesi: notadoll70: to have gotten herself a guy like you 
 jamesi: jamesidude: awwwwww 
 jamesi: jamesidude: aren't you the sweetest PLATONIC friend i have 
 jamesi: notadoll70: aw, thanks
 jamesi: jamesidude: *kiss on the cheek* you take care of 
yourself... and BTW, IMHO, you're not too shabby yourself 
 jamesi: notadoll70: thanks!